Daniel F - Vaticinios de interlunio (Englisch Übersetzung)

Englisch Übersetzung

Prophecies of no moon

We would pretend to create an entire universe
to hold each other amid the uncertainty of starting from zero.
Come show me futures
perhaps the day has come
to dance to the fugitive rhythm and to be a memory
or perhaps to her something forgotten.
We would pretend to sail across the entire planet
to have lectures on winks and more secretive gestures.
Show me what's upcoming; perhaps winter has arrived
to shield my shadow and may it release a blind flash of light
so as to start over.
He never had colors, insomnia caught off guard.
A long ray of lightning at night and an inebriated poacher,
on the street of solitude
He never wanted colors, he knew something about loves,
he took a bite out of the moon,
he embraced the rain and gave... a haggard song.
We hoped we wouldn't come out injured.
And to find that playing card that even today remains well hidden
Guide me to the future
may luck not be in disguise
and escape into a boat
thirsty, quickly and plowing... inch by inch, a mile in the morning.
He never had colors, insomnia caught off guard.
A long battle in the night and an inebriated loser
waiting in solitude.
dio un mordisco a la luna,
It doesn't matter if we lose track on the road.
Because I know that in the end I will see you... (Even if my eyesight fails me!)
It doesn't matter if that fate comes out looking for me.
Because I will always be in the same place.
Because I have no other hiding place left,
no other refuge left.
Not even of loves, or in an indecisive verse.
In that roulette that spins and turns over onto the orange blossom flower
onto that confused sea.
He may not know about colors, little unknown.
Or taking bites out of the moon
Or hands of offerings praying to the cold like an act of madness.
In constellations that talk of the river of the heaven and of fear...
Of 3 seasons, of open wounds
of hastes and sorrows, of sinister shadows.
Overdue promises.
(And we had many stories, but only one old story about which to talk)
Blind flash of light of indecisive thunder.
Un canto de sirena
doncella que llama en castillo de viento.
Princesa que clama un eterno reencuentro
en constelaciones de mar infinito...
(Y teníamos muchos relatos, pero solo una vieja historia que hablar)
Or in a Prophecy!
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Vaticinios de interlunio

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