Weird Al Yankovic - This Is The Life


This Is The Life

I eat filet mignon seven times a day
My bathtub's filled with Perrier
What can I say?
This is the life
I buy a dozen cars when I'm in the mood,
I hire somebody to chew my food
I'm an upwardly mobile dude
This is the life
They say that money corrupts you
but I can't really tell
I got the whole world at my feet
and I think it's pretty swell
I've got women lined up outside my door
They've been waiting there since the week before
Who could ask for more?
This is the life
You're dead for a real long time
You just can't prevent it,
so if money can't buy happiness
I guess I'll have to rent it
Yeah, every day I make the frontpage news
No time to pay my dues
I got a million pairs of shoes
This is the life
I've got a solid gold Cadillac
I make a fortune when I sleep
You can tell I'm a living legend,
not some ordinary creep
No way, I'm the boss, the big cheese
I've got this town on its knobby little knees
I can do just what I please
This is the life
That's right, I'm the king, number one
I buy monographed Kleenex by the ton
I pay the bills, I call the shots
I grease the palms, I buy the yachts
One thing I can guarantee:
The best things in life, they sure ain't free
It's such a thrill just to be me
This is the life
This is the life
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