Minodora - Așa suntem noi, femeile (Englisch Übersetzung)


Așa suntem noi, femeile

Așa suntem noi, femeile,
Căutăm doar dragoste,
Nu vrem bărbații cu bani,
Că sunt cei mai mari golani.
Susțin și repet
Că sunt un tip select,
Nu vreau să mă laud, dar
Sunt corect.
Multe fete spun
Că sunt rebel;
Pe de altă parte,
Se uită-n portofel.
Ies cu mașina în oraș la o plimbare,
Văd o blondă frumșică foc, e tare,
O invit1 la o cafea, îi spui1 că vrei s-o ai,
Fata te întreabă de cecuri și parai.
(Refren: ... )
Prietena te minte, îți spune că te iubește,
Vede că n-ai lovele, știu, te părăsește.
Părerea mea despre fete, în general:
Toate sunt cu ochii după arsenal.
Fetele, femeile susțin că sunt rebele;
Când e vorba de ele, repede se umflă-n pene.
Dacă vrei să inviți o fată în oraș,
Trebuie să fii bazat acolo, în buzunăraș.
(Refren: ... )
Poate de genul meu, sunt un tip mai timid,
Toate fetele susțin că-mi place să mă alint,
Multe fete cred despre ele că sunt rebele;
În realitate, frate, aduc numai belele.
Le vezi seară de seară fardate și cochete,
Se cred perfecte și se dau mari experte,
Fetele, femeile, toate sunt la fel,
S-o lăsăm pe Minodora să vă cânte pe refren:
(Refren: ... )
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Englisch Übersetzung

This is how we the women are

(Chorus:) x2
This is how we the women are.
We just look for the love,
Don't like men with the money
As they're the biggest tramps.
I claim and repeat here
That I am a man select,
I don't want to praise myself, but
All I say is correct.
Many young girls say
That they are rebels;
On the other hand, regret
They just look at the wallet.
I go out with a car for a ride in the city,
I see a hot blond chicken, who looks great,
Invite her for a coffee, and when you say you want her
She starts asking you about the checks and money.
(Chorus....) x2
Your girl cheats you, and tells you that she loves you
When she sees you don't have enough bucks, I know, she leaves you
My idea about the girls in general :
They all have eyes on your arsenal.
Girls, women claim that they are rebels
When the word comes to them, they raise the feathers in seconds
If you want to invite a girl out in the city
You must depend there on your small purse.
(Chorus....) x2
Maybe because of my style, I am a person rather shy
All the girls claim that I like to be caressed, why ?
Many girls think of themselves as rebels;
In fact, brother, they just bring the troubles.
You see them every night with make-up, and dressed up
They think they're perfect and they know everything a lot.
Girls, women, they are all the same alas,
Let's leave Minadora now to sing us that chorus :
(Chorus....) x3
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AdamR    So, 19/08/2012 - 00:20

You can even write "This is how we the women are" probably in a better way gramatically. But... it sounds ok to me as I wrote, not only in respect to the rap character of the song, but it is correct as well.
But i can change it anytime... just ask one more time , if you are definitely sure of it . Regular smile
How about the rest of the song ? Thanks in advance.

Calusarul    So, 19/08/2012 - 11:29

Well, I think you're right... grammatically right Tongue smile
For the rest... well, I'd change a few words here and there, but I'm not a native speaker of English, so I'll let others offer you suggestions.