Achter glas (Englisch Übersetzung)

  • Künstler/in: Boudewijn De Groot
  • Lied: Achter glas
  • Anfragen: Italienisch, Russisch

Behind glass

I saw my father behind glass
In white tropical clothes
I asked him how it used to be earlier
When he was still a woman hunter
Like so many tropical hosts
Under the palms of Surabaya
The green drives of Bandoeng
The smell of the Peruch Peroe
But he was silent
As he had always been silent
And he was silent for good
I saw my mother behind glass
As a small white butterfly
I asked her how it used to be earlier
When she was a young mother
Still not bothered by fear
On the beach of Surabaya
The cool gardens of Bandoeng
The sound of the Perkoetoet
But she was silent
She would not have kept quiet
But she was silent for good
I saw myself behind glass
As a old, grey man
I don't know how it used to be
When I was newborn.
My life unsung
Under the blood of Batavia
The starvation of Tjideng
Bending in the jap greeting
Where my mother was silent
Where my father was silent
Because they had to be silent
And have been silent since then
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Achter glas

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