Al lado (Englisch Übersetzung)

  • Künstler/in: Palito Ortega (Ramón Bautista Ortega)
  • Lied: Al lado
  • Übersetzungen: Englisch
Englisch ÜbersetzungEnglisch

Next door

Next door, right next door, lives
the one who got me in love,
excited, disturbed.
I have her as neighbour,
unfortunately she's living
next door, oh,
next door, but,
right next door, ay, ay, ay.
When I go out of home,
I find she's passing,
next door, next door,
next door, next door.
I don't wanna look at her,
I want to forget her,
but she lives next door,
next door, next door,
next door, next door.
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Al lado

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