Despina Vandi - Alaksa (Άλλαξα) (Englisch Übersetzung)

Englisch Übersetzung

I've changed

You shloud know how much I suffer
'cause you take me for granted
I put aside the pain and tears
and I reevaluate my life.
I've changed, I'm not the same person
you had known
and I've left behind what made me suffer
and from now on I'll love myself more than everything
It's ok if you approve this
if not, leave
I won't try to stop you
You firstly think of the others and I'm
many times left over with the big losers
but here is the news
which you used to know until yesterday, ends up fatally.
Von EleniAsteri am Di, 19/06/2012 - 00:21 eingetragen

Alaksa (Άλλαξα)