Mariska - Anteexi (Englisch Übersetzung)

Englisch Übersetzung

I'm Sorry

I'm Sorry
What else I could have said, I tried to think
Something beautiful and deep, something really smart
But I mostly felt like a child
who searched for an answer from the corner of the room
and blew bubbles with gum
When I couldn't do anything else, I could have sang a song
Buy gifts and paint a painting
But what would have it changed when the crime was already made
I admit, this girl really made a big mistake
I didn't see that I had gold in my hands
Before I threw mud on the guy's face
You wiped it away calmly
No, this wasn't any kind of fucking test
The silence lasted for long
Until I tried to falter something new
Forgive me, desculpa me
Excuse me, pardon moi, I'm so sorry
I didn't mean it to go like this but it did
Didn't mean it but I did it
Admit it I'm guilty
I'm sorry
Because I forgot you for a short moment
I don't understand what I was thinking, probably nothing
And after all that I still wanted to hold on
to you, didn't you see my regret?
Without it I wouldn't have made a confession
If I wouldn't care, I would have skipped
all that crying, I wouldn't have cleared up
or confused, however you feel about it
But I believed in you and in truth so I had to tell
Clear the table, show the cards
I didn't want to steal love from you
You just stared when I asked for an answer
I felt like I woud have needed help
Back-up, some brilliant idea
But my prayer wasn't heard, I didn't get relief
I'm sorry
I continued to feel confused
Would it have been better if I hadn't told?
Hadn't troubled the relationship? I thought about that but
now it was too late, I had already opened my mouth
Made it public, and didn't yet realize
that I can't buy forgiveness with the truth
The next comment probably proves that right
You said you haven't ever seen anything cheaper
A girl who would have acted more stupidly than I had
"Slut, do you think I don't have others
But still I haven't told about them
to you face-to-face, and besides it's a different thing,
I'm an adult man, you are just a whore
It's useless to cry to me
Slut is slut, you can't change that."
I'm sorry
For a moment I thought you as my man
It seems I was totally wrong about that
Wait a second, I won't bother you gentleman anymore
Took my shoes, stepped out from the door
At least I saw what I gain with honesty
Half an hour ago he still kissed on the mouth
Smiled and tried to get laid
Now I saw him at the window, shouting after me:
"Hurry up whore, go suck a new dick"
What should I have replied, everything was already said
The whole story without too many words
One person less to apologize from
One person less who blames me
I learned my lesson
I won't ever open my mouth again
Von Gast am Sa, 04/02/2012 - 11:08 eingetragen
Oakmoon    Di, 28/02/2012 - 20:57

hyvä käännös, mut toi rivi "Kuten seuraava kommentti varmaan todistaa" on jäänyt välistä =)

Naadya    Mi, 29/02/2012 - 06:36

Tänks, korjasin tuon mokan.