Art Garfunkel - Marionette

  • KünstlerIn: Art Garfunkel (Arthur Ira Garfunkel)
  • Album: Watermark


Marionette, your dress is all wet
Did someone leave you outside in the rain
Or is it the pain
That makes all the puppet tears
Roll down your cheek
Or does the roof leak?
Marionette, how could you forget?
I told you your bright shining varnish would peel
And how does it feel
With the bright rouge all faded
And the smile almost cracked
Now that you've come back?
Back to the toy shop by Brandenburg Gate
I hope not too late
'Cause my hands are much stiffer
Than they were when first I painted your eyes
Marionette, no you're not finished yet
I'll mend you and make you like new
Paint your eyes blue
And make you as young as I was myself
And there on the shelf ...
You'll sit till the puppet man
Comes round again
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