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AUDIT (Toki Pona Übersetzung)

  • Künstler/in: WeevilDoing Gastmusiker: Tsurumaki Maki
  • Lied: AUDIT
  • Übersetzungen: Russisch, Toki Pona


I've got a business, I've got a lovely wife
Everything I could want, I've got a perfect life
It's like you're hardly working when it's something you love
A brain of calculation, its heart an abacus
But I think I'd be lying if I didn't say this
I've got a way with words but not a way with emotions
I've got a silver bullet, I've got a self-prescription
I say, "hand me one more drink," you call it an addiction
I open up the bottle, let inhibition go
Maybe I shouldn't, though
I know I shouldn't, though
If it becomes a problem, if it seeps in my bones
Nobody has to know
Nobody has to know
I've got a business, I've got a lovely wife
Maybe I lie a little, but I'm doing alright
I say that I'll get better, I say I'm trying to quit
But if you know me, you would know I'm faking it
It's only twice a day, then three, then four, then five
It's not like it'll kill me, it makes me feel alive
At least I thought that it did, don't let them know I told you this
But I don't know how to resist, I hate my own excuses
Choking on desolation, sip on amaretto
Won't make me better, though
I won't get better, though
I can stop when I want to, I still have self control
But I'll never say no
But I'll never say no
I know I fucked it all up, I'm not a perfect man
But I swear I'll get better, this isn't who I am
It's really not your problem, you shouldn't give a damn
You don't know how I'm feeling, so don't try to understand
Past 60 on the dashboard, past .08 in my blood
I'm feeling kinda funny, all common sense undone
Swerving all over the road, got children in the back
How are we gonna get home?
I'm really sorry, Jack, I-
The crashing sound of metal, the bleeding from my nose
I'm so stupid, I know
Fucking awful, I know
The iron taste in my mouth mixes with the merlot
They won't breathe anymore
They won't breathe anymore.
I've really done it this time, where's there for me to go?
God damn it, I don't know
How could I ever know?
A shallow grave from my hands, flesh and blood down below
Pick up, pick up the phone
Pick up, pick up the phone
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original The Walten Files fan song

Toki Pona ÜbersetzungToki Pona
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kulupu lawa li lukin e esun

mi jo e esun, mi jo e meli suwi
e ale pi wile mi, mi jo e ale nanpa wan
sina olin e pali la sina pali ala
lawa nanpa, poki insa pi telo loje li ilo nanpa
taso mi toki ala e ni la mi powe
mi pona kepeken nimi. taso mi ike kepeken pilin
mi jo e nasin nanpa wan, mi jo e nasin pi kama pona tan mi
mi toki e ni: "o pana e telo nasa tawa mi," sina toki e ni: mi wile jo e telo nasa taso
mi open e poki telo, mi weka e apeja
ken la mi pali ala e ni
mi sona e ni: jan wile ala e ni: mi pali e ni
ona li insa mi la ona li kama ike
jan ala li wile sona
jan ala li wile sona
mi jo e esun, mi jo e meli suwi
ken la mi powe lili. taso mi pali pona
mi toki e ni: "mi kama pona", e ni: "mi wile pini"
taso sina sona e mi la sina sona e ni: mi powe
ona kama lon tenpo tu taso, tenpo poka la ona kama lon tenpo tu tu, tenpo poka la ona kama lon tenpo luka
ona ken ala moli e mi, ona li pona e mi
ni li sona mi taso, o pana ala e sona ni tawa ona:
taso mi sona ala e ni: mi toki e "ala", mi olin ala e toki mi
mi ken ala kon tan ike mi, mi moku lili e telo nasa
taso ona li ken ala pona e mi
taso mi kama pona ala
mi wile pini la mi ken pini, mi lawa e mi
taso mi toki ala e "ala"
taso mi toki ala e "ala"
mi sona e ni: mi pakala, mi nanpa wan ala
taso mi ken kama pona, ni li mi ala
ona li ike sina ala, o pilin ala
sina sona ala e pilin mi la o alasa ala e ni: kama sona pi pilin mi
mi tawa lon tenpo lili, telo nasa mute lon telo loje mi
mi pilin nasa mute, sona mute mi li weka
mi tawa nasa lon nasin, jan lili li lon monsi
mi kama lon tomo mi kepeken nasin seme?
jan Sa o, pona tawa sina. mi-
kalama pakala kiwen, telo loje tan nena mi
mi sona e ni: mi nasa mute
mi sona e ni: mi ike mute
pilin kiwen lon uta mi en telo nasa li kama wan
ona li ken ala kon
ona li ken ala kon
mi pali e ona lon tenpo ni, mi ken tawa lon ma seme?
pakala a! mi sona ala
mi ken sona kepeken nasin seme?
lupa moli lili tan luka mi, selo en telo loje li anpa
o toki tawa mi kepeken ilo toki
o toki tawa mi kepeken ilo toki
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mi pali e ni kepeken tenpo lili
ni li ike la mi pakala!

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