Bacila je sve niz rijeku (Englisch Übersetzung)

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She Threw It All Down The River

She was standing in the middle of the garden,
Like the most beautiful of flowers
As if she were a figment of imagination
A note in the music
She was listening to my song,
The last one I would be singing to her,
Now I'm telling her 'Farewell, my darling',
And she used to be my everything...
She walked through my dreams
and stayed for a split second
She belonged to me with her entire body
And I belonged to her
She carried within her our love,
The first fruit of our happiness -
The threw it all down the river
And moved on to another world...
But tonight, if she's listening,
Let her hear the pain
In this song I'm singing to her, only to her
Let her carry forever
A mark on her soul:
She threw an entire life away...
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Bacila je sve niz rijeku

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