To Be One (Intro) (Englisch Übersetzung)

  • Künstler/in: Wanna One (워너원)
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To Be One (Intro)

Be ready, raise your hands high
hold on tight, don't close your eyes
from now on ONE by ONE
one by one I will achieve them all
We got 1 0 1 Soul
a white Soul engraved in the heart
You know it
Not eleven but only ONE
Step by step to the top & Only ONE
I am ready to show you, our images become one
without regrets I want to pour out my passion, as if today is the last time
We wanna be the ONE!
What's up What's up
Watch out!
Wanna be the ONE!
Here we come out
Come out
Wanna be the ONE!
What's up What's up
We wanna be the ONE!
We wanna be the ONE!
We gotta get that
To Be ONE!
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To Be One (Intro)

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