beat around the bush

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beat around the bush (Englisch) — لا مزيد من اللف و الدوران

Arabisch, erklärt von Llegó Dolor Del Corazón am So, 19/06/2016 - 14:08

beat around the bush — يلف و يدور حول الموضوع

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beat around the bush — This originally refers to using tools or hands to flush out, chase out quarry in a hunt. Its used when you are unable to directly grasp, capture the quarry. Today it means to get straight to the point. No messing around. No 'hem and hawing' (delaying).

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beat around the bush — 1to aprroach something/someone indirectly or too cautiously
2to speak evasively
3to stall/waste time
4to avoid answering a question or to avoid talking about something that is important

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beat around the bush — When someone doesn't say something directly and avoids to get to the point.

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beat around the bush — To approach a problem or a concern indirectly usually with concern for another's feelings or what might happen to you as a result. "He wasn't sure who took his money. Instead of saying directly that she took it, he just beat about the bush without pointing a finger."

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beat around the bush — to avoid answering a question

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beat around the bush — Avoiding the main topic. Not speaking directly about the issue.

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beat around the bush — mag-pa-ligoy-ligoy
ayaw deretsahin, ayaw tumbukin ang ibig sabihin
magpa-ikot-ikot ng salita

Filipino/Tagalog, erklärt von garvie am So, 04/06/2017 - 04:38

beat around the bush — Όταν κάποιος αποφεύγει να μιλήσει ξεκάθαρα

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beat around the bush — Nem beszél egyenesen a témáról.

Ungarisch, erklärt von undeadwaves am So, 28/02/2016 - 13:11

beat around the bush — حاشیه نرفتن

/بحث رو عوض نکردن
تفره نرفتن

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beat around the bush — Okolišati, izbegavati direktne odgovore, vrdati. Obilaziti kao kiša oko Kragujevca.

Serbisch, erklärt von sajlovicnatasa am Mo, 01/05/2017 - 21:28

beat around the bush — lafı dolandırmak

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beat around the bush — Lafı dolandırmak, genelde nahoş olduğundan dolayı

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Übersetzungen von "beat around the bush"

Arabischيلف ويدور
DeutschUm den heißen Brei herumreden
Deutsch, Englisch #1, #2
DeutschAuf den Punkt kommen
DeutschWie die Katze um den heißen Brei gehen.
Englischto cut/get (straight) to the chase
Englischto get/come/cut (straight) to the point
EnglischHem and haw
EnglischGo off on a tangent
Estländisch(käima) nagu kass ümber palava pudru
FranzösischAller droit au but
FranzösischTourner autour du pot
Französischrester évasif
FranzösischNe pas y aller par quatre chemins
Griechischέρχομαι/μπαίνω στο θέμα/ψητό
Italienischandare diretto/dritto al punto
Niederländischer niet omheen draaien
Persischحاشیه نرفتن - تفره نرفتن - بحث رو عوض نکردن
Persischمستقیم سراصل موضوع رفتن
Rumänischdirect la subiect
RussischХодить вокруг да около
Russisch #1, #2
SchwedischGå som katten kring het gröt
Schwedischatt gå rakt på sak
Serbischskratiti pricu
SpanischAndar con rodeos.
SpanischIr directo al grano
SpanischAndar con rodeos
Spanischirse por las ramas
TschechischChodit kolem horké kaše.
Türkischcevresinden dolasmak
TürkischKısa kesmek
TürkischSadede gelmek
Ukrainischходити коло та навколо
UngarischKerülgeti a forró kását
Ungarischrögtön a tárgyra tér

"beat around the bush" in lyrics

Be peace, put him a kiss, we have the notice
Let her shave up, Fouiny got to flee flee
The ambiance here is not halal, I'm ordering a net net
You will beat around the bush like the faced boob
I quit cooking you are not in your plate

Team BS - 1.2.3

my friend, so alone that I pretend you're sharing your story with me,
my friend, let's see if one of these days,
I'll finally learn to speak
without having to beat around the bush,
since all this history matters to me
because you are my friend.

Alejandro Sanz - My Friend (female)

When I make a point to be straight with you then
In lieu of the innuendo, in the end, know my intent though
I Brazilian wax poetic, so pathetically
I don't wanna beat around the bush
Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo
Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo

Bloodhound Gang - Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo

Say it
And say it the way it is or not at all
Say it the way it is or never
Why do you beat around the bush all the time
If you have something to say
And say it the way it is

Luxuslärm - Say it the way it is

Take your hand off of my hand ...

Then I comb my hair and beat around the bush
I shave my teeth every day, put my life on stand-by
Your look becomes stern, the time becomes few - I am not slow

Jennifer Rostock - Dirty! Dirty!

But girl, I'm just saying,
If you got a man back home, I don't know him
What, just keep it on the hush
Pocket full of trees, don't beat around the bush
Walk on green, I can even hear the putt
K.O shawty when I hit her with a punchline

Kid Ink - Main Chick

Take a look inside
I've got nothing to hide - oh, no...
I'll beat around the bush
I've got nothing but time - oh, no... oh, no
You've got me holding on to nothing

Imagine Dragons - Leave Me

And you’ll love who we are
And the woman that I am

Don’t beat around the bush
I don’t lead to Rome
But don’t be frightened of going too far

Alizée - If You're A Man

laughing, screaming, dancing

we are really open
we don't beat around the bush
all our hearts are beating
to the rythm of a drum

Brings - as long as we are alive

But you can save your 'sorrys' and your 'I love yous'

I can say I'm done, in a million ways
But let's not beat around the bush
Let's cut to the chase
You changed, I changed

Kelly Rowland - You Changed

And tell me now what you think
about what I have told you, love.
You don't have to beat around the bush,
let your heart speak.

Melendi - Selfies

What I'm going through is hurtful

I used to buy my time
I used to beat around the bush
I'd rather give my ego another push
I used to be a fool

Erik Hassle - Hurtful

Smash you out the stratosphere, flashy as a matador
When I'm dressed like Theo's Dad
In a coogi listening to Kool G Rap
I won't beat around the bush like a seventies porn
I'll make you wish that you never been born

Hilltop Hoods - Cosby Sweater

Does this come from indecision
Please give me a hint to get me through
Gently, lightly
Myriads of reality makes me beat around the bush
Decapitated directly and completely everyday
Love me, return, if only I could

TeddyLoid - ME!ME!ME! Part.2

My bass and drum will move you
Put away your cute side and just go crazy – I’m your future
Seeing kids play mindlessly like a circus – I’m sick of it – oh my jesus
You can beat around the bush but you’re a mouse in a trap
If you’re not gonna attack then just run away

Tasty - Buster

Bell-ringers wander about the world.
The bells are battered and cracked.

Why do we beat around the bush now,
On our own field like an underground?
If a Bell wasn't casted for us,

Alexander Bashlachev - The Time of Little Bells

No need
To start writing
Just to beat around the bush
And never recover again.

Coma (Romania) - I want no home, little girl

What's it gonna be

Are you gonna use me up and throw me all away
Ain't got no time to beat around the bush

Ain't got time for games

Jessica Simpson - What's It Gonna Be

if you love me, no need to be considerate, can you make everything clear?

what are you doing? why are you making it so complicated?
don't beat around the bush, what are you doing?

if you love me, tell me frankly, playing dumb won't get you anywhere

Lydia - What are you doing?

That motivates us, makes us really high
Come, that's the chance
to mess around with us, because
Here we beat around the bush

Now there is no way back

Letzte Instanz - Ascension

Come my love, look at me, I'm the green house on the avenue...

I am fruit on this hill, I am one of these people
I often beat around the bush, because I'm shy, and I won't fool myself.
I'm not intimidated by the thief or the police
I have my own point of view, and God guides me

MC Guimê - Home Sweet Home (Favela) (shanty town)

What can you do?
When the way that you're going only goes around in a circle
What can you do?
When even the bush you're beating around has lost it's thorns[fn]"Um den heißen Brei schleichen" means literally "to sneak around the hot broth." It's an idiom that means "to beat around the bush." [/fn]

If you're getting in your own way, and you're in conflict with yourself

Jennifer Rostock - Get the Hell Out of There

You wanna feel my depth but my heart is deaf when I talk to you.
A viscous game that we play,
See, nowadays, they say love and hate are one in the same.
​You let me beat around the bush, until you're sick of my games.​
​It's never fair because you care and I just transfer the blame.
I transfer my pain, a shame to know that you could do better.

Witt Lowry - Let Me Know

I get this good feeling every time I see you
You're my biorhythm
I beat around the bush
but my feelings are clear

Seventeen - BOOM BOOM

there's nothing you can do about it.
When you're gonna fall in love

don't you beat around the bush.
When you're gonna fall in love

Mai Tai - History

I'm getting on in Tel Aviv and getting off in Binyamina
You only like to beat around the bush
In the squares it's a bit dark and you touch
I have a lot of fears, I told only you

Niv Demirel - The small hours

Anyone can make a hit song.
My music taste is just unsuitable for you.

Well I just beat around the bush,
at least for what you heard.
A saint, what the fuck were you expecting?

Pyhimys - # 1 Paranoid

Married into this family and I'm datin' a bunch of outlaws
Even the children drawing guns out of little crayon box
Playing with scissors, cuttin' straight to the point
Don't need to beat around the bush we takin' shots to the groin

Take what I want, take what I need, and do it all with dignity

Skylar Grey - Straight Shooter

they leave half-finished talks
and unpicked up clothes.

They beat around the bush, beat around the bush.
Everybody knows men are ugly.

Miguel Araújo - The Other Women's Husbands

before even trying
me for size

No credit, I'm not bought and sold[fn]"je suis cash" is a trendy expression meaning "I'm very outspoken", "I don't beat around the bush" or "I am an upright, if a bit rough, person".
I did what I could to preserve the puns on money[/fn]
Either you follow me or you quit.

Les 3 Mousquetaires (Comédie musicale) - I'm not bought and sold

Some people don't recognize their luck
Exactly at this moment they don't know the right word
They beat around the bush
Until someone comes who takes it from them

Willy Fritsch - When a young man comes

I’m still young but my emotions aren’t young
Don’t just think of me as a cute younger sister
Cast a spell, Castor Pollux
I don’t beat around the bush, what
I’m Young, I’m Fresh Girl
You’ll fall for me like magic

Sonamoo - People's Little Sister

My last hour was going to sound
that's when I went astray.

Not to beat around the bush[fn]not to go by four ways[/fn],
At a stroke I clobbered [fn]"estourbis" is definitely "beating around the bush" - it isn't clear that the victim was killed until the end of the next line[/fn],
with an excessively strong blow with a log

Georges Brassens - He who went astray

Don't beat around the bush c'mon and tell me what you
Want from me,
I ain't a man to push but our love's gone yes siree,
Crazy thing's that you do, make me sad, make me blue,
You've been two timin' honey, tryin' to make a fool out
Of me yeah

Mud - Beating around the bush

We skip school,
Back home we take the stool
Go straight to the shelf
Why beat around the bush (litt. "walk around the jar")

Be it with strawberries ou rhubarb,

Les frères jacques - The jam

Give away your last shirt
You don't expect any thanks for that.
You're just and true,
You never beat around the bush.
When I talk about flying,
You buckle on the wings.

Luxuslärm - No money in the world

(Just for a second)
So don't you
(Give us a kiss)
Beat around the bush
(Or give us a wink)
To you, there can be

Aladdin (OST) - Prince Ali

(I don't wanna try to read your mind)

If you got something to say just say it, i can take it...
Why you got to beat around the bush,
Don't you beat around the bu-u-ush

Djamila - Brickwall