'A Bella e 'a Bestia [Beauty and the Beast] (Englisch Übersetzung)


'A Bella e 'a Bestia [Beauty and the Beast]

Cunto viecchio assai
Nun ce crirarrai
'Nd a diversità
Riuscetter a truvà
'Na complicità
Chianu chiano cagna
Para eguale, ma
Se pò già appurà
Nu coccos ca
'N ponn chiù negà
'A paura fuje
Lascia a tutt e duje
Comm è vero che
Chillu Sol, là, sta pe c'ascarfà
Cunto viecchio assai
'N te l'hê a scurdà mai
Te vo fa 'mparà
Ca nun te'hê a 'mpuntà
Ca te può sbaglià
Comm 'a gemma ca annasconne 'o sciore
Accussì fa 'o core
C'annasconnere 'a bellezza pò
Primm e giudicà
Cerca e le penzà
'A Bella e 'a Bestia so'
Von Anna Elsa J. am So, 19/08/2018 - 17:15 eingetragen
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Englisch Übersetzung

Beauty and the Beast

Very old tale
You wouldn't believe it
Into their diversity
They managed to find
A complicity
It changes slowly
It looks the same, but
You can already discover/verify
Something that
They can't deny anymore
The fear runs away
It (the fear) leaves them both
Just as sure as
The Sun is there to warm up us
Very old tale
You must never forget it (the tale)
It (the tale) wants to teach you
That you don't have to persist
That you can be wrong
Like the bud which hides the flower
The same the heart does
Which (the heart) can hide the beauty
Before judging
Try to think about them
They are Beauty and the Beast
Von Anna Elsa J. am So, 19/08/2018 - 17:53 eingetragen
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