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There's Someone

you were a dream initially, your name's been set in the language of love
I was only your impossible
words have run out but you haven't run out within me..
I wouldn't expect this from you..
( there's someone!)
which lie, which reason..
you don't have an answer, so (you mean) it's over..
maybe I was your fears..
I have to, you have to..
which road's end are you on..
maybe there is something you hide..
if there's someone between us
my screams are to the loneliness
in this breaking up night..
the world has drowned in my tears..
don't ask me being without you..
don't ask if you don't have the strength for that..
everyone (new comers and gone ones) is the same
leave me to my loneliness..
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Biri var

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