Blue Bird (Englisch Übersetzung)

  • Künstler/in: Tokyo Mew Mew (OST) (東京ミュウミュウ)
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Blue Bird

街を見下ろす丘の上 髪をすく 未来への風
まるで誓いたてるような 青い空 一筋の雲
裏切りやイミテーシヨン あふれているこの世界
Let's Fly High!
誰にも 目には見えない 翼があると信じてる
どんなに高い理想や夢も あきらめたりしないで
どこまでも遠く 飛びたい
幸せつかむ Blue Bird
冷たい風に流されて ひらひらと 羽舞い落ちる
ふわりゆられてあてもなく 哀しみも 行き場をなくし
淋しくてつらいけれど 強がってみせてばかり
So Fly High!
いつしか 雨雲の先 虹のしずくがゆれている
大空可憐に舞い飛び立つ 光と風のMelody
楽園めざす Blue Bird
誰にも 目には見えない 翼があると信じてる
どんなに高い理想や夢も あきらめたりしないで
どこまでも遠く 飛びたい
幸せつかむ Blue Bird
楽園めざす Blue Bird
幸せつかむ Blue Bird
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Blue Bird

As I look down at the city from this hill
my hair sways with the wind of tomorow
Oh deary me, it's as if it's resounding
with the earnest cloud of this lame gray earth
this world brims with betrayal and immitation
I think I am lacking something
now I rember I want to search for my true heartbeat
Before I realise it, a rainbow appears right here
lighting up this grey world we inhabit
I fly high in this great sky
with the wings only I can see
i fly with the skys melody
my wings sparkle
my wings flutter
as I climb higher
uh huh I aim for paradise blue bird
my wings flutter with the flow of cool wind
as I sway I lose all my sadness
being alone was painful but I tried to be strong
if only I was stronger, mabey I would not have to do this
I search for my meaning
I will search for one thing,
I won't give up no matter what
I belive I can do this
I will search for my true heartbeat
before I realise it the sun is shining!
I belive it can send me up high
I can trust it, 
for this is my one dream
my wings sparkle 
my wings glitter
as I climb higher
I want happiness like a blue bird
I belive that I have wings I can see
no matter how high my dreams are I'll never give up
I want to fly as far as I can
I'm full of energy
no Chimera anima can stop me now
I'm this far, I can't stop
I can reach my goal
I want happiness like a blue bird
I aim for paradise like a blue bird
I want happiness like a blue bird
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