Elvira Rahic - Bosanac (Englisch Übersetzung)

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Bosnian Guy

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Neither German nor Danish has a chance
Only my Bosnian guy can kiss/love me
He has bought a necklace
Bosnian guy has won my heart
Come on, take it on
Why not to be ragazzi
The rhythm is good
listen, honey, let me ask you something
I'll buy you fancy shoes
Pear necklaces
and ćevape*, just say
How much of zeljanica** we need
Hey, how much I love him
Oh how much I love him, mother
I have never been so happy
In my all life
Juice, lady, juice
Would you like a juice
Or some other fruit drink
Wiedersehen, I wanna rock
I make a promise, I'm gonna cheat
I'm gonna fly, I'm gonna go crazy
I'll beg you, I won't stop
Till the late nigh hours
Oh, I've osculated him passionately
So passionately, mother
For countless days, for countless nights
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Kommentare des Autors:

*ćevap - (food) meat ball, something like kebab, but smaller
**zeljanica - type of pie



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