Vennad ja õed (Englisch Übersetzung)

  • Künstler/in: Eriti Kurva Muusika Ansambel
  • Lied: Vennad ja õed

Vennad ja õed

Ärgake ülesse!
Vennad ja õed, silmad kui söed
Pilk kaob kaugustesse
Me valed ja tõed, tunded ei loe
Jõuame massidesse
Kas vajate abi – ah?
Katame maa
Varsti meid saab kui seeni peale vihma
On sirged me read, kammitud pead
Luuserid saavad rihma
Kas vajate abi – ahhahaa
Kui kord haljal oksal, siis on teie aeg ka1
Oodake, kuhu kiiret? Muidugi rohkem veel teenige
Naeratus suul
Me näitliku eluõnne lapsed
On kodune boks võlg aastateks
Taas kõik sunnismaised
Kas vajate abi – ahhahaiaiai?
Täna õhtul külla. Kuidas teil läheb?
Istuge, nii pehme, selle me ostsime.
Ah, ostsite, jah?
Aeg sai kahjuks ümber. - Ärge veel minge!!
Istuge, nii pehme, selle te ostsite.
Jah, ostsime.
Ah, ostsite?
Jah, ostsime.
Ahhaa! Selle ka ostsite, jah?
No kas sa näe, ka selle ostsime! Ostsime, ostsime!
Kas tolle ka?
Jaa, tolle ka!
Oioioioi, kus särab!
Oi, kus ostsime alles!
Kurat, see ka! Kas te ostsite selle ka veel?
Ossa siga, kus on alles ost!
  • 1. või "teiel aega"
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Proceed with caution with this band of especially sad music.

Brothers and Sisters

Wake up!
Brothers and sisters, eyes like coals
The gaze disappears into the distance
Our lies and truths, feelings don't matter
We reach the masses
Do you need help?
We cover the earth
Soon there will be a number of us like mushrooms after the rain
Our lines are straights, hair - combed
Losers will taste flogging
Do you need help?
When once you're well-off, then it's finally your time too1
Wait, what's the hurry? Of course, earn more
Smile on our lips
We are the children of illustrative eudaimonia
Homely box is a debt for years
Again everyone's bound to land
Do you need help?
Visiting tonight... How do you do?
Sit, so soft and comfy, we bought it.
Oh, you bought it?
Sadly, time is up. - Don't go yet!
Sit, so soft and comfy, you bought it.
Yes, we bought it.
Oh, you bought it?
Yes, we bought it.
Wow! You bought this too, yes?
Well, really-really, we bought this too! We bought, bought!
You bought that too?
Yes, that too.
Wowwow, how it shines!
Oh, how [much] we bought!
Damn, this too! Did you buy this thing too?
The hell! What a purchase!
  • 1. or "then you have to".
    what he actually seems to say is kinda ungrammatical
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