Butterflies in the stomach

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Butterflies in the stomach (Englisch) — To be very nervous and/or excited about something, or someone to the point of having a 'fluttering feeling' in the belly, abdominal area.

Englisch, erklärt von Ww Ww am Do, 14/06/2018 - 03:19

Butterflies in the stomach — ни жив, ни мертв

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Review this one. ;) - Ww Ww vor 3 Monate
You are right, this explanation is not correct. And «ни жив, ни мёртв» іs a Russian idiom, but it is nothing to do with ‘butterflies in the stomach’ - Igeethecat vor 3 Monate

"Butterflies in the stomach" in lyrics

The train is in the station waiting for us
We have 1st class tickets at the personal
And this train them faster than inter regional
Emotions, butterflies in the stomach impatience
Waiting to sleep on you now to wake up to the sea
Smile, to live, to run again together

Inna - Sea

The clock rings, it's night time.
A soft breeze, everything is so quiet.
With butterflies in the stomach, I go out.


Ylja - Out

boom boom boom boom boom
My heart jumps around in circles

I have butterflies in the stomach
and I hope 'you feel it too

Schnuffel - Beep, Beep

the shadow over the threshold
reaches into my room
Here comes the fear, now again
When all the butterflies in the stomach are needled up
to a pattern on my bed

Kent - The Needle's Eye

The curiosity was too much, I couldn't let it be
how should I have known that two animals are in me?
I had once heard, that one could fall in love
with butterflies in the stomach, one begins to fly
But now it's moving, but I don't understand it
Suddenly, two voices ring out, and begin to sing

We Butter the Bread with Butter - Viva Mariposa

The train is in the station and it's waiting for both of us
We have frist-class tickets at private
And this train is faster than inter regional
Emotions, butterflies in the stomach with impatience
I wait to fall asleep on you now, to wake up at the sea
To smile, to live, to run away together again

Inna - Towards the sea

And 2 new lei in hand
And I, I left
Stars in the eyes and dreams in the hammock
Sweet lips and butterflies in the stomach.


Hara - Free

Give me your number, enemy
Only you can understand
That butterflies in the stomach
Call me, I'm just the same as you

Clarice Falcão - Slut

Time flies so unnoticeably
Like butterflies in the stomach
From dusk till dawn
If only I were closer to you

Artik & Asti - More than love

Sweet sunshine took hold of my garden
It brought the color I've never seen
The smiles that I never gave
It brought me butterflies in the stomach
That I don't even know

Fafá de Belém - You happened to me