Bye Bye Brasil (Englisch Übersetzung)

  • Künstler/in: Chico Buarque
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Bye Bye Brazil

Hi, Honey
I can't talk for too long
Wait for the airplane to go by
As soon as the winter passes
I think I'll bring you here
It's very hot around here
The fan isn't working
There is already an arcade in Macau
I went by a coast in Bélem do Pará
They put a power plant by the sea
It might make the fishing bad
My love
In Tocantins
The chief of the 'parintintins'
Got caught up in my Lee pants
I found some roller skates for you
I saw a Brazil on the TV
There might be some heavy rain coming
I'm feeling so lonely
Oh, take some pity on me
A good chance came up
A thing in the capital
Don't even need to have finished high school
My love
In Tabariz
It sounds just like the Bee Gees
I danced with a sad lady
That had a typhoon in her hips
There's a Japanese guy behind me
I'll swing by Manaus
It's forty two degrees here
The sun is never going to set again
I miss our songs
I miss the countryside and the 'sertão'
A good thing would be to actually have a truck
My love
Baby, bye, bye
Hugs to mom and dad
I think I'll hang up
The chips are almost over
I'll get out of here on a sledge
To the Rua do Sol, Maceió
I got some disease in Ilhéus
But I'm almost well again
In march I'm going to Ceará
With the blessing of my 'orixá'
I'll find some bauxite there
My love
Bye, Bye, Brazil
I've already put in the last chip
I think about you 'night and day'
Explain to them that everything is okay
I'm always following the laws
I want to come back, believe me
I saw a Brazil on the TV
I got some disease in Belém
Now everything is alright
But the call is near the end
There's a Japanese guy behind me
That watercolor has changed
I got a bit of a tan on the road
There might be a heavy rain coming
If feeling like a gilo
I get horny in the sea
As soon as the winter passes
It hits me that I miss you
I'm in the mood for a crab
With the blessing of Our Lord
The sun is never going to set
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Bye Bye Brasil

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