CelCareUrăşte (Englisch Übersetzung)

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[1st Verse : Cheloo]
You want to fly? Fly!
Money creates portance
I hate cash because everyone gives it importance
I have changed 720 degrees
But I didn't forget where I came from when I got far
I want help without yelling into the perfect silence
I suck it up and wait for the right poison
I am a deformed mirror, submerged in the lying water
I look for a purpose forgetting to live
Forgetting to enjoy the simple things
I gather my strength from hate, fear makes me strong
I despise weakness, I am a hypocrite and a wretch
I'd steal your smiles, your days
Come get your pills back
Barricade the windows, lock the doors!
I'd kill you all, I'm certain
But I'm afraid of being alone
It's hard for me, flicked by the cold in the darkness of my time
Everything's fake, but magical, you can't get help from your faith
"To know" means to knowingly torture your soul
I put on the dirty clothes in a hurry, without caring
I make an effort, I train myself to look cheery and I can't pull it off
Nothing moves me anymore, I hide, I make myself small
In my mind a beast is growing and I think of a knife
[Chorus : Cheloo]
I am the one who hates
I am the one who hates
I am the one who hates
I am the one who hates
[2nd Verse : Cheloo]
I am here to enjoy myself when you cry over the modern clown
But I don't exist when I feel sick, I huddle and call you over
The words flow down the dirty walls of the old room
Like the blood happilly flows down slowly from the ear
I've wasted another day waiting for something better than yesterday
The people who are content with what they have ask me "Why are you in despair?"
The happy and the foolish ones that still look at the sky
Ignoring with faith the miserable present
It's not a mistery, I don't want what I don't deserve, I'm disgusted by asking
I want everything through firm effort and... I don't really anguish
I am the one who hates, and I'll remain dangerous
Because I shut up and do and apologize politely
Instead of saying the "Creed" say what you believe
Or if you're an ignorant pussy, ignore what you see
I've evolved, I became apathetic and changed directions
When I passed by Death, I smelled its perfume
[Chorus : Cheloo]
I am the one who hates
I am the one who hates
I am the one who hates
I am the one who hates
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