شفيع الناس (Shafei el Nas) (Englisch Übersetzung)

  • Künstler/in: Adham Nabulsi (أدهم نابلسي)
  • Lied: شفيع الناس (Shafei el Nas)
  • Anfragen: Russisch

شفيع الناس (Shafei el Nas)

فى يوم مليان فرح وعتاب وجنة
ونار ولقى وحساب وناس عملت
كتير وقليل
وناس ضاعوا بعمل كذاب وانا
واقف وسط وحدتى انجدنى
يا رب بمحنتى
وحدة الغالى شفيع الناس ينده
يقول امتى امتى يسجد
يدعى للرحمن
يشفع لامة القران اذهب
واخرج من امتك كل اللى
عندة ذرة ايمان
من الجهالة غسل قلوبنا ودعا
ربه يغفر ذنوبنا حتى وهو
فى عز المحنة
بينسى نفسة ويفتكرنا نعمل
ايه علشان نوفيه بابويا
وامى انا بفديه
وادعى على حوضه الاقيه
صلى اللة وسلم عليه
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The Interceder of People

in a day filled with happiness, reproach, heaven
hell, judgment, people who've done
much and little
people who were lost in fake deeds
I'm standing amidst my loneliness, help me
O'God, in my hardship
only the dearest, the interceder 1 calls 2 for us
saying: ummati ummati 3. He kneels
and prays to God the Merciful 4
he intercedes for for the people of Quran. "go
and take out everyone from your people
who's got a shred of faith" 5
he's washed our heart from ignorance and prayed
for God to forgive our sins even when he was
at the depth of hardship 6
he forgot about himself and remembered us. What could we
possibly do to do him justice. Shall my father
and mother be sacrificed for him 7
and I pray that I'll meet him by his River 8
peace and blessings be upon him
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