Chronisch pleite (Englisch Übersetzung)

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Chronically Broke

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I don't drive a Jaguar
'Cause I can't afford it
Don't have a cocaine problem
I think I'm cool the way I am
My old Casio watch
Runs better than a Rolex
Don't have any false friends
And no purchased sex
I don't give a shit about the euro
Or about inflation
'Cause I'm the poorest SOB
In our entire nation
I'm chronically broke
I've got nothing to lose
'Cause my bank is in the park
I'm chronically broke
If you got money, you got problems
You get poorer every day
I ain't got a cent, I'm insolvent
I'm chronically broke
I don't need to save for retirement
'Cause cool guys die young
Don't have any health insurance
I prefer to just stay healthy
My girlfriend doesn't wear mink
She looks better naked anyway
I don't have to fly on holiday
I can crash just as well at home
And if tomorrow I become a superstar
And suddenly have lots of money
Then I'll use the millions to pay
The debts of our nation
I'm cleaned out, I'm stone broke
I'm in the red and I think that's great
Von JinxJinx am So, 19/09/2010 - 23:21 eingetragen

Chronisch pleite

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