City and Colour - How Come Your Arms Are Not Around Me

  • Künstler/in: City and Colour ( Dallas Michael John Albert Green)
  • Übersetzungen: Finnisch, Griechisch

How Come Your Arms Are Not Around Me

You could have the sun
You could have the water
This I'd give to you
You could be the moon
You could be the harbour
I arrive to
You could come over uninvited
You said I'm the one
The one to hold you
Does that go for others too
No surprise [x3]
Yesterday around 4 AM
I thought about you
for a minute or two
I know it's no good
I feel so lonely
Sleeping without you
How come your arms are not around me
I said i'm the one
the one to hold you
But I guess he said that too
No surprise [x3]
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This song was originally performed by Kristofer Astrom.



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