Infidelity - Love songs

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This regroups all the songs where a character has been unfaithful to the other one, both having a love Relationship
This collection is opened for song suggestions, and its aim is to be of use for everybody.
This project is the result of collective work (still having to be done), by all the members that suggested songs in
comments, in addition to the one i knew. I thank you all in advance for your precious help, and suggestions
and would be really glad if this is of help to anyone Regular smile

A girl is being told by her friend that she is being cheated on
by her lover, which promesses a lot of thing and won't stop
seeing other women,
she is the only one around who doesn't know it

From the look in her eyes, he knows, she has something hidden,
he asks a lot of question trying to know who the guy that is
stealing her from him is

The singer was betrayed and after weeks, learnt a great lesson
Still his feeling were torn apart, now he is glad this is over

The guy is very sad and angry because the girl he is with is enjoying her life
with other boys as it seems, even when he gave her the key to his heart

She has been noticing some things, that tells her he is seeing
another woman, like this sweet note found in the car, she would like to know
some détails to know what kind of girl this is, and why he prefers her at the singer

He still loves her, but she is taking shelter in someone elses arms,
He knows this i over, and think about their life together, saying he would still
do crazy things for her, and he asks that she thinks of him whatever she does,
even when she's with her new lover

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He is really upset because she cheated him, he would have given more love if
she would have asked for it. Coming earlier at home, he finds another guy in the bed,
had to shoot him down, he was ready for anything for her, but now, he just
shoot himself too, end of story

He threw everything they built up away, just because of one good time with
another girl. She trusts him no more. she could have forgiven a lot, but his is too much
He can do whatever, Nothing will be enough to have her back.

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He probably cheated her, and she won't be able to touch him anymore,
in her eyes, he is dirty, and there is nothing that could wash him clean enough.
He regrets, but now it's too late, and her heart is broken.

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He cheated her once already, lying and betraying and even if she kind of forgave him, She becomes crazy,
when he cheated her again. now it's too much to bear, that's him she is going to forget
Her heart is again broken

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He had sex with her girlfriend bestfriend in a garden, he tells his girlfriend everything. He really loves her,
but couldn't resist this body game, he says he only loves her, this was just slippery in this garden. his
mistake, he went a bit too far.

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She was borred at this time and just had some fun with somebody else, is this so bad?
He left her alone too long, and she felt alone. Now she feels shameful, guilty, but as a human,
she is born to make mistake, she forgives him for not being there at that time. asking
if he forgives her as well

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She is at a party, with an eager guy, and everything gives her a pretext to forget him, the guy, a lot of glasses,
the cigarette, until the guy caressed her, and she couldn't resist

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The guy is not behaving normally, because he cheated his gitrlfriend. He tought he loved the other one,
slept twice with her, but finally, his girlfriend won the battle of being most loved. he asks for forgiveness

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Lied | Englisch Dido

She knows he left her for another woman, who is "spreading" love all around.
so she says, now he knows, for that he left her, bad judgement.
Too bad, all this story, to end like this, but now it's too late, to rewind.

She is with someone, and is unfaithful with him, he knows it, and it kills him Inside, and she can't bear it
anylonger. they play roles like everythin was allright, but they lie, to cover the truth, she is going to see
other men even she feels very bad about it.

Her boyfriend soon ex has been caught cheating, and try everything to get her back.
He makes a whole show by crying, making promesses,
but she won't have him back, end of the show

she is angry because he cheated, and she wishes him bad luck, even if she usually doesn't do that.
she was the last to know. and he wrote a letter instead of saying it face to face, she will never forgive him

Lied | Englisch Jojo

The girl notice through his phone the number of another girl, he promised her forever, but he's cheating,
it is going to be never instead. She was really serious, but realize this is a waste of time, she wanted him,
but now he has to leave, even if she feels really sad about it

The girl comes back and found her boyfriend with another girl,
when she saw her kissing him, she felt like dying, this was all a lie..

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The guy said to the singer he was perfect, and that she would have to evolve to his level,
but he wanted a perfect girl, and she's just her, not perfect, and out the perfect, she had this need to cheat
like disobbeying an order. now she doesn't want this lie anymore

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She learnt through another channel he cheated her, she tought he was the one, now she knows, and it's over,
she is going to annihilate his life, to make him miserable, she is very upset

He is in holidays without the singer, she receives a postcard from him, and notice a mistake, and the car
has some perfume on it, but a girl one. She regrets having given him so much, because he cheats with
another girl far away. she's disappointed, and wants everything back but him

The singer with whom the girlfriend is cheating speaks about the boyfriend of the girl.
He says that he doesn't know she is cheating, and how she likes it, even if she doesn't want to show it.
thinking of this guy thinking everything is fine.

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The singer learnt from the guy that his girlfriend cheated him, he loved her very much, but she tought she
could play him, to reach bigger goals, now her cheating's goal faded into nothing, first she's left with nothing,
moreover the love she had from the singer is gone,
she just played, and lost everything, now she just cries a river

He left her, had a relationship with another girl, she was broken, but she went forward, and then when
she finally smiles again, he calls back, because he feels lonely, but she doesn't really care,
she has gone over it

His girlfriend and his lover both (the singers) know he is cheating, and are both ashamed, he said to each she was the one,
and now they know he has been cheating, and he won't even admit it, even if it is now obvious.

The singer and his lover meet each day at 6:30 eventhough they both already girl and boyfriend
they know it is wrong, but this is too good

The two singer are the two cheated girls, speaking to one another, about the guy cheating,
he has been lying about what he said to his girlfriend, she's not the only one, the girls should not fight over a guy like this,
over a liar, he's the only one to be blamed. now both girls are hurt and sad because of what the other suffers.

The singer tells her friend she should change her boyfriend, instead of doing Nothing, and letting him do
everything he wants without respecting her. It can be he cheated her. even if she's in love, and don't believe it,
she should change her boyfriend. to go on with her life. cause the guy is just a player according to the singer

Well the girl made a great mistake and let her boyfriend with a real pretty cold b*tch, that can't take no for an answer.
so it seems they kissed if we refer to the lipstick on his neck, and the cold one even called to upset his girlfriend while they were kissing
she shouldn't have let him with Chelsea, it's her fault, it seemed a good idea, but it was not. it surely will create problems and
uncertainty between them, if it lasts long enough.

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A friend, the singer of a betrayed girt, telles the second one, that her boyfriend kissed another girl,
and that she felt as bad as would have her friend.

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Everything was so nice between them, real love, and they were for each other the ones.
But he has tasted other pants, now she feels really angry, and she wants to make him pay for this betrayal.

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Lied | Deutsch LaFee

She had a really nice friend, they were friends for a very long time, and were there for each other.
Until her friend stole her boyfriend. Then she just wishes her to get a deadly virus.

The girl is sleeping with a man who already has someone. and she thinks about the situation if she would say the other one,
this will just bring tears and sorrow. But she herself is suffering from this situation.

He cheated with a girl, but she just plays with him, and he is gonna lose everything