Poems in endangered languages

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The collection is about poems in endangered languages and their authors. Currently the collection includes entries in:
- Belarusian (Europe- Belarus)
- Chukchi (Asia- Russia)
- Crimean Tatar (Europe- Ukraine/ Russia)
- Scots (Europe- UK)
- Extremaduran (Europe- Spain)
- Friulian (Europe- Italy)
- Hawaiian (Oceania- USA)
- Ingrian (Europe- Russia)
- Kariña (South America- Venezuela, Guyana, French Guyana, Suriname and Brazil)
- Sardinian (Europe- Italy)
- Venetan (Europe- Italy)
- Welsh (Europe- UK, South America- Argentina)
- Zapotec (Central America- Mexico)

More entries and languages may be added in the future. Please, signal any entry you think deserves a place here.

-Poems: only poems are included in the collection. I accept poems that have been later turned into songs by someone else. I'll disregard any nursery rhyme, folklore song or fairytale. I won't include any translation to an endangered language of a poem.

-Poets: I accept poets who are also songwriters, as long as their entry is a poem and not a song. The artist page will be added only if all the entries are written in the endagered language in question, unless it contains a single entry.

--Languages: there are mainly two criteria to consider a language as endangered and they are the average age and total number of native speakers. Many languages in Europe and Indonesia are considered endangered, despite being spoken by millions, because the majority of the natives are elders and few people from the young generations learn it. On the other hand, a language may be spoken by just some thousands of people, yet be considered out of risk if the majority of natives are children and young people, who could pass it on to the next generations. To determine whether a language is endangered, I based myself on the UNESCO map of endangered languages (from which I've also taken the picture).
I don't accept poems written in extinct languages or in old stages of an endangered languages.

Special thanks to those who gave me permission to use their poems:

Artist | Spain Poetry


By SilentRebel83.

Übersetzungen:  Englisch Tonganisch Deutsch 1 more

By SilentRebel83.

Übersetzungen:  Englisch Māori Tonganisch 3 more

By SilentRebel83.

Übersetzungen:  Spanisch Englisch Deutsch 1 more
Artist | Russia Poetry


By Enjovher.

Artist | Poetry


Übersetzungen:  Englisch
Artist | Italy Poetry


Artist | Italy Poetry


Top 3 songs:  Can La galina Ai materiali
Artist | Mexico Poetry