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These are songs that are political, or of political nature. They're very good, very powerful songs that should be recognized for their political nature. Some are not as overt nor as powerful, but their political message is still there. These are in no particular order, and yes, they also cure my depression because everything does.

Lied | Russisch Kino

This song is about the Soviet-Afghan war, which I've become adament about. America really shot the Soviets in the foot which then lead to us shooting ourselves in the foot. Who would've thunk that arming terrorists to fight the Reds was a good idea?

This one is more adorable because of the broken English, yet it is just as powerful. It's Time to Run Away is political for the final stanza and the chorus, which indicates that contrary to what the song's first two stanzas imply, no, things are not so swell in the good 'ol USS of R.

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Although it isn't overly political, the message is rooted in politics. That instead of getting everyone all worked up over a "common good" or a "common idea", and lighting one big fire, it's best to leave people be for the winter. That instead of burning all your firewood, you should save it. Don't lie and swindle, because when you use a lie to convince people something's for their own good, it almost always isn't.

This is the most political song I've translated, and honestly, the comments show something for it as-well. The song is about a woman who either hates the USSR, is ignorant and hates the USSR, or is just ignorant and doesn't like the USSR. Either way, she wanted to pull a Pora Bezhat' and get outta dodge, although her choices seem to not help her in the slightest

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This is another political with a strong message. We're chained by one chain, related by one chain. This idea is reminiscent to Soviet ideology and this is only exacerbated by other metaphors and idioms and metaphors. Although I prefer Makarevich's 2013 remixed that is more metal, this song caputures a depressing perspective that I think the band wanted.

She Walks Through Life Smiling is extremely dark and depressing. This woman only wants happiness, but instead, she's told how to be happy. And when she goes home at night, she cries herself to sleep.

A more modern song that is just as powerful. This song asks a simple question when the world is burnt what will we remember Moscow for? And the answer isn't the nicest of memories to have.

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Ah yes, this beauty. Oddly profain but just as potent as ever. Goodbye everyone is hilarious as much as it is political. Screw everything, I'm done, goodbye everyone is quite literally the message here.

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This Train's on Fire is a very powerful song that makes one clever reference to the cold war in one fail swoop. Yes, this song is about the Cold War. The metaphor is that the train is society, humanity, and we're barreling down the tracks. We're not stopping, and we're afraid that we've got one final option. However, the song says that we can stop, that we don't have to resort to the final option, but we must make amends with ourselves instead of make the rash decision to end it all.

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Ah what list of political songs is complete without this masterpiece? This song is special to me because if it wasn't for my high school French teacher I'd never get into Russian or French music, so no Vladimir. This song is powerful, a man doesn't want to go to war, and so he tells his president that he's a crook for deserting but he would rather be a deserter than a dead man.

Straight to the point, stone walls separate men, and that with this comes silence, silencing people from people and isolating them, alienating them. Thanks WisiGoth for suggesting this song!

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A powerful song by Bob Dylan, I've got nothing more nor less to say about it. There's a lot going on in the song though, and in of itself it shows that it has something more to say about those behind war, and the inhumanity in those who monger for it. It also has the requisite rhetorical question regarding the morality of the people responsible so that's a plus.

Honestly...this song is hitting me in the mood I've been stuck in for the past few days. So now it seems this song is out against me. However, I'm in agreeance with the song, and am appreciative of the meaning. Hating the cold, the bitter, and the painful. We all hate these things in some way. Cynicism, oppression, depression, pain and suffering, censorship, etc. It gets an A on being universal, it also gets an A on being powerful while avoiding pointing a finger at a singular cause, adding a universal appeal to it.

Though funny, it has an appeal that seems narrow only to Russians, and even then it has a strong word to say. Simply put, the insane vote for Putin. Why? Because well...not well established. However, what is established is corruption. The song seems to focus on corruption more than anything and that seems to me the central message. Needle in the ass? They're just shutting you up for complaining.

This song is still one of my most favourite of Grebenshchikov's works. The music video adds to this, and I've broke the song down so many times. I appreciate and admire the song as a satirical piece of work. The song tells how oppression consumes us from all sides as a draining piano score that never stops. However, it paints the picture of life in this situation. You look at the music video, everyone is eyes and they're fixed to the television. And the people on television are dogs in suits, who bark orders at you, tell you what to think and feel. The song's chorus hints to life in the USSR, and from there, it is nothing but lyrical beauty.

wisigothwisigoth    Di, 12/11/2019 - 17:53

I am not an atheist, not unbeliever, not a pagan...
Famous (Lebanese) artist. Wrote during civil war when people were killed or disappeared for "wrong" religion. Very timely today, 35 years after being written, as popular revolution in Lebanon targets corruption which is based on clan, sectarian and "old money" connections. I am working on a Russian translation...

BlackSea4everBlackSea4ever    Di, 12/11/2019 - 21:14

Dylan's masters of war is a masterpiece https://lyricstranslate.com/en/Bob-Dylan-Master-War-lyrics.html
Let me ask you one question
Is your money that good
Will it buy you forgiveness
Do you think that it could
I think you will find
When your death takes its toll
All the money you made
Will never buy back your soul.

Vysotsky https://lyricstranslate.com/en/Vladimir-Vysotsky-Ya-ne-lyublyu-YA-NE-LYU...
Я не люблю, когда стреляют в спину,
Я также против выстрелов в упор.

Vladimir4757Vladimir4757    Sa, 16/11/2019 - 16:05

Going through now and adding some of the songs I feel deserve to be on here.

I'll try and find time to translate your suggestions into English Ivan, since they seem interesting. I haven't heard the band so I'll be looking into that. However, "Our Mental Ward Will Vote For Putin" will definitely make it onto the list! Thanks for that one!

D, I'll add those two songs for certain, thanks for the suggestions y'all, sorry I've been gone for a while ;p