Comme ils disent (Englisch Übersetzung)

Englisch Übersetzung

As They Say

I live alone with Mama,
in a very old apartment,
on Rue Sarasate.
I have, to keep me company,
a turtle, two canaries
and a cat.
To let Mama rest,
I often do the markets,
and the kitchen.
I pick things up, I wash, I wipe.
On occasions I also sew,
at the machine.
Work holds no fear for me,
I'm a bit of a decorator,
a little bit of a stylist.
But my real job, it's at night
that I do it, is as a transvestite.
I'm an artist.
I have a very special number,
which finishes totally nude,
after a strip tease.
And in the hall I see that,
the men can't believe their eyes.
I am a man, Oh!
As they say.
Around 3 O'clock in the morning,
we go to eat among friends,
of all sexes.
In one of any given tobacconist/bars,
and there we enjoy ourselves enthusiastically,
and without complexes.
We unpack truths,
about people that get up our nose,
we stone them,
but we do it with humour,
wrapped in puns,
dripping with acid.
We meet some late comers,
who to impress their table,
walk and undulate,
mimicking what they believe we are,
and covering themselves, the poor fools,
with ridicule.
That gesturing and talking loud,
that playing the divas, the tenors,
is for the stupid.
To me, the mocking words, the jeers
leave me cold, because it's true.
I am a man, Oh!
As they say.
At the time when a new day breaks,
I go home to face my fate,
of solitude.
I take off my lashes and my hair,
like a poor sad clown,
from lassitude.
I go to bed but I don't sleep,
I think about my loves without joy.
So ridiculous.
About this boy, handsome as a God,
who without doing anything, sparked the flame
in my memory.
My mouth would never dare,
admit to him my sweet secret,
my tender drama.
Because the object of all my torments,
spends most of his time,
in bed with women.
No-one has the right, in truth,
to blame me, to judge me,
and I'd point out,
That it's really nature who,
is alone responsible if,
I am a man, Oh!
As they say.
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I've listened to this song for the longest time, learning it paragraph by paragraph, and have enjoyed putting it all together here.
If I've made mistakes, let me know so I can correct them.
Cheers, Craig :-)


Comme ils disent