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es wurde um Korrekturlesen gebeten
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Dalmatia, here I have returned
You are my flower, the mother of the blue sea.
I sing a little, I play a little
And slowly I tattoo your name into my heart
That day when I left
The glistening sea I saw everything, I was only thinking of you
And you have everything in the world, I'm a complete madman
With the first wind I shall return
Let your love wait for a crazy heart from afar
This song which I am singing
Dalmatia, my roses bloomed
Dalmatia, all of gold and pearls
Dalmatia, a song I sing for you
A song of love, from the south and from the north
Eeee o eeee ...
Dalmatia, a song I sing for you
A song of love, from the south and from the north
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Euterpa    Fr, 23/03/2018 - 08:18

Hi! Regular smile The translation is good, only a few corrections...

"Sinje" doesn't mean "glistening", something that is "sinje" is of color of the ash - gray, or like in the case of sea - blue-gray. I used to think it means something like "glistening", too. Teeth smile

The whole phrase "sinje more sve sam proša" means something more like "I've been all over the blue-gray sea"
Dalmacijo, moja ružo procvala - > Dalmatia, my bloomed rose (he is saying to Dalmatia that it is his bloomed rose, so singular should be used).