I Cannot Find a Japanese Song

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I have a song stuck in my head that I can't get out. I don't know the title or the artist, so I can't find the song. But I know some of the lyrics. It's a Japanese song.The lyrics I remember are "tsunaide" "akaruku" and ''oshieteyo". Can someone please help me get this song title for me please?!?
If you even know a song with just the lyrics "oshieteyo" then please tell me.

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Hi there! I might (or might not) be able to help. Well, depends on how much of a J-music expert I actually am, hahah. It's hard to tell just by the snippets of lyrics you have provided, but. Do you remember anything else about the song? The genre, what kind of voice sings it, is the chorus repeated multiple times, or anything else, really? I'll try to look into it. Teeth smile

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The only thing that I can suggest is looking through these:

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I remember the song sounded a little bit old and slow. They did repeat the tune a few times. Obviously, I remember the tune, so is there a website that I can find Japanese songs by the melody? Thanks...

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your three words basically mean something like "connect(ing)", "lightened up/bright(ly)" and "come on/please, tell me!". Depending on the context that could turn into a wild variety of other things, so looking for the song with just these three keywords is not very likely to succeed.

"oshiete yo" could probably be found in a hundred different J-Pop songs.

Maybe if you could remember a few more words? How old is the song? Is the singer male or female? What kind of music? From an anime maybe? Or a famous singer/ J-pop band?

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Hi everyone. Thanks for all your help, but I think its hopeless. I don't remember much more of the song than just the melody.

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"tunaide" ie. "tewo tunaide" (to join/hold hands) "akaruku" (brightly), and "osieteyo" (tell me). That could be anything! These are all REALLY common words in love songs. And this is my native language, in which I'm listening to a tape (from '81) right now. If you can remember a full phrase, you might find it, but with just that, not gonna work.

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this one? im almost sure it is

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