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Favorite movie quote(s)?

1. "Do or do not...there is no try!"- Yoda, Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back

2. "I like the way you die boy!" - Django, Django Unchained

3. "Revenge is never a straight line. It's a forest...and like a forest, it's easy to lose your get forget where you came in." - Hattori Hanzo, Kill Bill Vol.1

4. "There are two kinds of people, my friend...those with loaded guns and those who dig!" - Blondie, The Good The Bad & The Ugly

5. "If more people valued home above would be a merrier place." - Thorin, The Hobbit: Battle Of The Five Armies

6. "You shall not pass!" - Gandalf, The Lotr: Fellowship Of The Ring

7. "That's a bingo!" - Hans Landa, Inglourious Basterds

8. "When the time's end, pick up your gun, try to shoot me colonel...just try!" - Indio, For A Few Dollars More

9. "I said Goddamn!" - Mia Wallace, Pulp Fiction

10. "I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse." - Michael Corleone, The Godfather

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Uhmm, it's a looong list.  Teeth smile

Here are a few:

"It's not a tumor!" ~Arnold Schwarzenegger (Kindergarten Cop, 1990)

"I did not hit her, it's not true! It's bullshit! I did not hit her! [throws water bottle] I did *not*. Oh hi, Mark." ~Tommy Wiseau (The Room, 2003)

This scene from Rush Hour 3


Α, ναι, τη θυμαμαι. Πολλη πλακα! Teeth smile
Λατρευω Κρις Τακερ, και στο Fifth Element ειχε πολλη πλακα.

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Χαχαχα, ε, δες το τοτε! Teeth smile

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"No matter what you do, it will never amount to anything more than a single drop in a limitless ocean."
"What is an ocean but a multitude of drops?"
- Cloud Atlas.

The deliveries of these two lines are a little bit over the top, if I remember correctly, but the latter is a badass comeback.

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Maria Kritikou wrote:

4. "There are two kinds of people, my friend...those with loaded guns and those who dig!" - Blondie, The Good The Bad & The Ugly

"The world is divided into two kinds of people, those who have friends and those who are lonely like poor Tuco."

"There are two kinds of people in the world, my friend. Those who have a rope around their neck and those who have the job of doing the cutting."

"There are two kinds of spurs, my friend. Those that come in by the door, [crosses himself] those that come in by the window."

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Wink smile

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In Memoriam
Sad smile

50 years later...
The climactic scene of the Good, the Bad and the Ugly involves the most famous shootout in cinematic history between the Clint Eastwood (the Good), Lee Van Cleef (the Bad), and Eli Wallach (the Ugly). It was filmed in a graveyard - Sad Hill Cemetery - which was actually a large set made for the film, located in northern Spain.


Που κολλαει αυτο με τις ατακες απο ταινιες?

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Chicken Run (2000)  Heart
Mr. Tweedy: What is it?
Mrs. Tweedy: It's a pie machine, you idiot. Chickens go in, pies come out.
Mr. Tweedy: Ooh. What kind of pies?
Mrs. Tweedy: Apple.
Mr. Tweedy: My favourite!
Mrs. Tweedy: Chicken pies, you great lummox! Imagine. In less than a fortnight, every grocers' in the county will be stocked with box upon box of Mrs. Tweedy's Homemade Chicken Pies.
Mr. Tweedy: Just "Mrs."?
Mrs. Tweedy: Woman's touch. Makes the public feel more comfortable.

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Maria Kritikou wrote:

Που κολλαει αυτο με τις ατακες απο ταινιες?

Εκεί που κολλάει κι αυτό:

"Α, ναι, τη θυμαμαι. Πολλη πλακα! Λατρευω Κρις Τακερ, και στο Fifth Element ειχε πολλη πλακα."

...Υποδηλώνω την λατρεία μου σε αυτό το μυθικό έπος με ποικίλους τρόπους όταν μου δίδεται η ευκαιρία. Wink smile

JUST A DIRTY SON OF A BITCH- [gets cut off by the ending music]


Αυτο ηταν απαντηση, οχι κατι σχεδον ασχετο. Οπως παντα, εκτος θεματος...

Miss Pumpkin~
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"I've spent most of my adult life trying to protect myself from exactly this situation. And you can't do it ! There's no home safe enough, there's no country nice enough, there's no relationship secure enough; you're just setting yourself up for an even bigger fall and having an incredibly boring time in the process." ― French Kiss (talking about being afraid of having a bad relationship)


“Do you ever wait for the longest day of the year and then miss it? I always wait for the longest day of the year and then miss it!”
― F. Scott Fitzgerald in The Great Gatsby (I liked this quote from the book but they also say it in the movies so...)


And from the Winnie the Pooh film! They are so adorable:

Owl: Yes, well, the thing to do is as follows: First, issue a reward...
Pooh: Gesundheit.
Owl: I beg your pardon?
Pooh: Well, you sneezed just as you were going to tell me what the first thing to do was.
Owl: I didn't sneeze.
Eeyore: Oh, you did, Owl.
Owl: No, I didn't! You can't sneeze without knowing it!
Pooh: Well, you can't know it without something haven't been sneezed.
Owl: As I was saying, first: issue a reward...
Pooh: He's doing it again. You must be catching a cold.
Eeyore: I'll probably catch it, too.
Owl: No, no, no! I'm not catching a cold! The word is ISSUE, not AH-CHOO! And 'ah-choo' isn't even a word! It's just some sort of sneezy sound, like 'Ah-choo!'
Pooh: Perhaps you should lie down, Owl.

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Maria Kritikou wrote:

Αυτο ηταν απαντηση, οχι κατι σχεδον ασχετο. Οπως παντα, εκτος θεματος...

Φηλε, εχο ενα ντελ και έχο αλαξι σκλιρό και το έχω Πάρη από αλο λαπτοπ και δε μπενη στο ίντερνετ και μου λεη κάτι να τσεκαρο τα παρτισιοns τι να κάνω?

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The Good the Bad and the Ugly

B- [gets cut off by the
ending music]

No-Legged Soldier:
Hand me down a whiskey!

Stevens: You're...
from Baker... Tell Baker
that I told him all that I
know already. Tell him I
want to live in peace,
understand? That it's no
use to go on tormenting
me! I know nothing at all
about that case of coins.
Now that gold has
disappeared, but if he'd
listened, we could have
avoided this altogether. I
went to the Army court;
there were no witnesses.
They couldn't uncover any
more. I can't tell Baker
what happened to the
money; go back and tell
him that!

Angel Eyes: Like a
little music with your meal,
Tuco: Music? Yeah, it's
very good. It's very good
for the digestion.

Baker: Here, this is for
you. You did a good job for
me. [hands over a purse]
Angel Eyes: Oh I almost
forgot. He paid me a
thousand. I think his idea
was that I kill you. [they
both laugh] But you know
the pity is when I'm paid, I
always follow my job
through. You know that.
Baker: Noo! Angel Eyes!

Blondie: [counting
Angel Eyes' men] One, two,
three, four, five, and six.
Six, the perfect number.
Angel Eyes: I thought
three was the perfect
Blondie: I've got six more
bullets in my gun.

Blondie: [Seeing blood
on the floor] You're not
going to give me the same
Angel Eyes: Would you
Blondie: No... probably

Blondie: You may run
the risks, my friend, but I
do the cutting. We cut
down my percentage - uh,
cigar? - liable to interfere
with my aim.
Tuco: But if you miss you
had better miss very well.
Whoever double-crosses
me and leaves me alive, he
understands nothing about

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The Good the Bad and the Ugly

Bounty Hunter #2:
[three bounty hunters have
cornered Tuco] No! No
pistol, amigo!
Mexican Bounty Hunter:
[holding a wanted poster]
Hey, amigo! You know you
have a face beautiful
enough to be worth
Blondie: [from behind
them] Yeah, but you don't
look like the one who's
going to collect it.

One Armed Man: I've
been looking for you for 8
months. Whenever I should
have had a gun in my right
hand, I thought of you.
Now I find you in exactly
the position that suits me. I
had lots of time to learn to
shoot with my left.
[Tuco kills him with a
hidden gun]
Tuco: When you have to
shoot, shoot, don't talk.

Tuco: [to Blondie] Get
on that stool and put the
rope around your neck. I
have a different system,
my friend; I don't shoot the
rope, I shoot the legs from
under the stool.
[Sound of distant
Tuco: Even when Judas
hanged himself there was
Blondie: That could be
cannon fire.
Tuco: Thunder or cannon
fire, it's all the same to
you. Adios, Blondie.

Tuco: [trying to read a
note] "See you soon, id..."
"id..." "ids..."
Blondie: [taking the note]
"Idiots". It's for you.

Tuco: I'll kill you.
Blondie: If you do that...
you'll always be poor... just
like the greasy rat you are.

Tuco: I'm innocent! I'm
an honest farmer!
Sheriff: [shows Tuco the
wanted poster] Come here,
you! Just a simple farmer,
eh? Who is this?
Tuco: Me?
Sheriff: Yeah, you.
Tuco: Who says so? You
can't even read! [the
Sheriff rolls up the poster]
Go ahead, roll it up! I'll
give a good idea where to
put it!


Φιλε, μη γραφεις ολο το σεναριο. Θελω κι αλλοι να γραψουν.... Confused smile

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Η καλύτερη ατάκα σου!
Αύριο να δεις τι θα βάλω, βαριέμαι πολύ τώρα.


Οχι, μη βαλεις αλλα. Δεν μου αρεσει το σπαμ. Ασε και τους αλλους να εκφερουν μια αποψη. Sad smile

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Here's some of mine:

- "If you have to ask, you'll never know. If you know, you need to only ask." (Helena Ravenclaw, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows: Part 2)

- "True courage is about knowing not when to take a life, but when to spare one." (Gandalf the Grey, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey)

- "A weakness is only a weakness if you think of it that way." (Grimm, Mirror Mirror)

- "You have nothing to fear, if you have nothing to hide." (Minister Pius Thicknesse, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1)

- "Anyone can hold a grudge, but it takes real courage to forgive." (Jigsaw, Scary Movie 4)

- "It’s the things we love most, that destroy us." (President Snow, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1)

- "Everyone can be super! And when everyone's super... no one will be." (Syndrome, The Incredibles)

- "The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all." (The Emperor, Mulan)

- "People always do crazy things when they're in love." (Megara, Hercules)

- "Some birds aren't meant to be caged. Their feathers are just too bright. And when they fly away, the part of you that knows it was a sin to lock them up does rejoice. But still, the place you live in is that much more drab and empty that they're gone." (Red, The Shawshank Redemption)

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Maria Kritikou wrote:

Οχι, μη βαλεις αλλα. Δεν μου αρεσει το σπαμ. Ασε και τους αλλους να εκφερουν μια αποψη. Sad smile

Γιατί, εμποδίζω κανέναν να γράψει ότι θέλει;
Δεν ξαναγράφω τίποτα, σιγά τα ωά.

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Drama Queen spotted ^

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- The Lion King: "The past can hurt, but the way I see it, you can either run from it or learn from it."

- The Lion King 2: "A wise king once told me, 'we are one'. I didn't understand him then. Now I do."

- The Prince of Egypt: "[Because] no kingdom should be made on the backs of slaves."

- Aladdin: "I gotta stop pretending to be something I'm not."

- Dinosaur: "Some things start out big, and some things start out small. Very small. But sometimes, the smallest things can make the biggest changes of all."

- Hercules: "Sometimes, it's better to be alone. Nobody can hurt you."

- The Hunchback of Notre Dame: "You mistreat this poor boy the same way you mistreat my people! You speak of justice, yet you are cruel to those most in need of your help!"

- Pocahontas: "Sometimes, the right path is not the easiest one."

- Tarzan: "Why are you threatened by anyone different from you?!"

- Kung Fu Panda: "Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the present."

- Jurassic Park: "Dinosaurs eat man. Woman inherit the earth."

- Matilda: "You were born into a family that doesn't always appreciate you. But one day, things are going to be very different."

These were all I could think of, and forgive me for adding mostly quotes from animated films.

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Hello, Maria. I want to play a game. So far, in what loosely could be called your life, you have made a living watching others. Society would call you an informant, a rat, a snitch. I call you unworthy of the body you possess. Of the life you've been given. Now we will see if you are willing to look inward, rather than outward, to give up the one thing you rely on in order to go on living. The device around your neck is a death mask. The mask is on a string timer. If you do not locate the key in time, the mask will close.
Think of it like a Venus Flytrap. What you're looking at right now is your own
body, not more than two hours ago. Don't worry. You're sound asleep, and can't feel a thing. Taking into account that you are
at a great disadvantage here, I am going to give you a hint as to where I have
hidden the key. So listen carefully. The hint is this: [TV screen shows an x-ray.]
It's right before your eyes. How much blood would you shed to stay alive, Maria? Live or die, make your choice.

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Hello, Makis. I want to play a game. For years you have burned those around you
with your lies, cons, and deceits. Now you will have a chance to redeem yourself, for the games you've played with others, by playing one of mine. Inside the device in
front of you are two antidotes for the poison coursing through your veins. One is my gift to you for helping me kidnap the others. The second is yours to donate.
However, one will come with a price.
Remember Makis: Once you are in Hell, only the devil can help you out.


Mια φορα θα γραφει ο καθενας...ποσες φορες θα το πω; Confused smile

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Qu'est-ce qu'on a fait au bon dieu? (2014)

David, le juif: "Y'aura Jackie Chan et Arafat?"
Shao, le chinois "Y'aura Ghaddafi et Enrico Macias?"
Rachid, l'algérien: "Ne me dis pas qu'il y aura Bruce Lee et Popeck..."

Marie: "on évite tous les sujets qui fâchent, hein? Israël, le Dalaï Lama, la burqa. Surtout, pas un mot sur l'équipe de France de foot..."

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Ωραία, δεν θα ξαναγράψεις ούτε εσύ ούτε κανείς άλλος που έχει ξαναγράψει.


Δικο μου ειναι το thread, δεν αποφασιζεις εσυ! Αντε, πολυ αερα πηρες!! Κανεις σπαμ σε ολα τα thread μου! Angry smile

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Α ρε βούρλο.


This is not a quote from a movie, but it's one of the most inspiring quotes i have ever heard.

"Movies touch our hearts, and awaken our vision, and change the way we see things. They take us to other places. They open doors and minds. Movies are the memories of our lifetime. We need to keep them alive."
--Martin Scorsese

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Not exactly from a movie, but when I think of a great quotation, this speech stands out in my mind as one of the most vivid, refined and effective I can think of:

"It's always the same. When you fire that first shot, no matter how right you feel, you have no idea who's going to die! You don't know whose children are going to scream and burn, how many hearts will be broken, how many lives shattered, how much blood will spill until everybody does what they were always going to have to do from the very beginning: sit down and talk"
Doctor Who. Series 9, episode 7: "The Zygon Invasion (part 2)"

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Favourite movie quote? Frankly, my dear, I don't know ...

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Well, you have to have a favorite quote that you remember the most or resonates with you. What comes to mind?

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My cousin Vinny [overruled]

Vinny: I object to this witness being called at this time. We’ve been given no prior notice he’d testify. No discovery of any tests he’s conducted or reports he’s prepared. And as the court is aware, the defense is entitled to advance notice of any witness who will testify, particularly those who will give scientific evidence, so that we may properly prepare for cross-examination, as well as give the defense an opportunity to have the witness’s reports reviewed by a defense expert, who might then be in a position to contradict the veracity of his conclusions.

Judge Chamberlain Holler: Mr. Gambini?
Vinny: Yes sir?
Judge Chamberlain Holler: That is a lucid, intelligent, well-thought out objection.
Vinny: Thank you, your honor.
Judge Chamberlain Holler: Overruled.

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And if it does not have to be a movie but a reality show, then
"Anonymous" can't be outdone

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I hope you don't mind if I make a part 2.

- Bambi: "If you can't say something nice, don't say nothing at all."

- The Little Mermaid: "I don't see how a world that makes such wonderful things could be bad."

- Atlantis The Lost Empire: "When you hit rock bottom, the only place left to go is up."

- Joseph King of Dreams: "We're family. All of us. If we break apart, we have nothing left."

- The Iron Giant: "You are what you choose to be."

- Pokemon The First Movie: "I see now that the circumstances of one's birth are irrelevant. It is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are."

- Aliens: "Get away from her, you bitch!"

- Terminator 2: "I know now why you cry, but it is something I can never do."

- Lilo and Stitch: "Sometimes, you try your hardest, but things don't work out the way you want them to. Sometimes, things have to change, and maybe sometimes they're for the better."

- The Sword in the Stone: "Just because you can't understand something, it doesn't mean it's wrong."

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@Silapin 1998. "Whoever you are ... I have always depended on the kindness of strangers...". From the final scene of "A Streetcar Named Desire" : Blanche to an Unknown Gentleman when she is being led away:


"Everytime i go to a movie, it's pure magic, no matter what the movie is about".
--Steven Spielberg

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"What R are you filled with?" - Budd to Elle in Kill Bill.


"Relief or Regret?" Wink smile


"It's the wood that should fear your hand, not the other way around. No wonder you can't do it, you acquiesce to defeat before you even begin." - Pai Mei, Kill Bill Vol.2

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"You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain" -The Dark Knight

"Introduce a little anarchy, upset the established order and everything becomes...chaos" - Joker, The Dark Knight

"Never tell me the odds" -Han Solo, Star Wars

"Oh, look at you, you are so vacant! Is it nice not being me?It must be so relaxing" - Sherlock Holmes, BBC Sherlock, series 1, ep 1

"Thinking of Peace whilst spilling blood is something that only humans could do.They're two sides of the same coin.To protect something, another must be sacrificed" -
Madara Uchiha, Naruto

"Dad's on a hunting trip. And he hasn't been home in a few days" - Dean Winchester, Supernatural, se1 ep1(aka the quote that started it all)

"I'm Iron Man" -Tony Stark, Iron Man

"I am a god you dull creature!" -Loki, Avengers (2012)
Well, I know some of them are not movies.. Αλλά δεν πρζ μωρέ υγεία XD


"When fortune smiles on something as violent and ugly as revenge, it seems proof like no other, that not only does God're doing his will." - Beatrix Kiddo, Kill Bill Vol.1

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*Saw: Legacy (2017, originally titled "Jigsaw")

"The truth will set you free." ~John Kramer

-Eleanor Bonneville: It's Jigsaw.
-Logan Nelson: Jigsaw's dead.
-Eleanor Bonneville: Is he?

*The Infidel (2010)

-Lenny Goldberg: I know. Word association.
-Mahmud Nasir: Dah, what are you talking about?
-Lenny Goldberg: Come on, a word association.
-Mahmud Nasir: What for?
-Lenny Goldberg: Car?
-Mahmud Nasir: Volvo.
-Lenny Goldberg: Right on. Happy?
-Mahmud Nasir: Ish.
-Lenny Goldberg: Two outta three. Crystal?
-Mahmud Nasir: Nakht.
-Lenny Goldberg: Hm, even I would have said "Palace". Still, I don't believe...

[Mahumd notices someone leave his real father's room, unaware that it is a Rabbi]
-Mahmud Nasir: Dad?
[Tries to hug him]
-Rabbi: Ugh! I don't think so. Firstly, you appear to be Muslim.
-Mahmud Nasir: Yes, I'm sorry.
-Rabbi: And secondly, I'm perhaps five years younger than you.
-Mahmud Nasir: Yes, you're right. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Is Izzy Shimshillewitz in there?
-Rabbi: Yes.
-Mahmud Nasir: Can I go in, please?
-Rabbi: Uh, I'm afraid not.
-Mahmud Nasir: No, you don't understand. I'm his son, I think.
-Rabbi: Do you have some sort of syndrome?
-Mahmud Nasir: No, no, my real parents were Jews. I was adopted. I've just found out my birth name is Shimshillewitz.
-Rabbi: Really? And you're definitely Isaac's son, are you?
-Mahmud Nasir: Yes, yes... well, I must be.
-Rabbi: Look, I'm sorry, but as Mr. Shimshillewitz is Rabbi, I have to think of his welfare first. He's a very sick man, now.
-Mahmud Nasir: Then you have to let me in.
-Rabbi: Look at you! A Muslim son? He's an observant Jew. It'd kill him stone dead.
-Mahmud Nasir: What must I do?
-Rabbi: What do you know about Jews?
-Mahmud Nasir: They've got big noses? They like money... oh, they do. Uh, sportsmen?
-Rabbi: OK, so the answer is nothing. Look, what you have to do, and quickly, is think about what it means to be a Jew, OK? And then we'll think about letting you in. Oh, and by the way, when you thought I was your Dad, sort of a shrivelled old man... was it because of the hairless thing? Because that is genetic. OK?
[Mahmud nods]

"Dodi, you came back from the dead!" ~Lenny Goldberg

"Mazl Tov!" ~Arshad Al-Masri

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My favorite quote comes from "Matrix":

- The Matrix is everywhere. It is all around us. Even now, in this very room. You can see it when you look out your window or when you turn on your television. You can feel it when you go to work... when you go to church... when you pay your taxes. It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.

- What truth?

- That you are a slave. Like everyone else you were born into bondage. Into a prison that you cannot taste or see or touch. A prison for your mind.

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“To kneel before the bones of Mary Magdalene was to remember all those who were robbed of their power... who were oppressed."
-Sir Leigh Teabing [Ian McKellen], The Da Vinci Code (2006)

“Vivir con miedo es como vivir a medias." [Eng. translation: "A life lived in fear is a life half-lived."]
-Fran [Tara Morice], Strictly Ballroom (1992)

"Japanese-Americans, Italian-Americans, German-Americans... And we gotta to prove to the Mexicans how Mexican we are, and we have to prove to the Americans how American we are. We have to be more Mexican than the Mexicans and more American than the Americans, both at the same time! It's exhausting!"
-Abraham Quintanilla [Edward James Olmos], Selena (1997)

[CONTEXT: Teresa confesses to killing the pedophile couple]
"I have never seen evil before tonight, Joe[y]. Real fucking evil. Okay? And I know that's not what I see when I look in your eyes. I did not marry an evil man. Shady, sleazy, mixed up with the wrong kind of people, but definitely not evil."
-Teresa Gazelle [Vera Farmiga], Running Scared (2006)

"You're not a fucking Russian, you're an American. 'Cause you were born in the United States of America. You're an American!"
-Joey Gazelle [Paul Walker], Running Scared (2006)

“Many that live deserve death. And some that die deserve life."
-Gandalf the Grey [Ian McKellen], The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001)

"This task was appointed to you, and if you do not find a way, no one will."
-Lady Galadriel [Cate Blanchett], The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001)

"All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us."
-Gandalf the Grey [Ian McKellen], The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001)

"It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live, remember that."
-Albus Dumbledore [Richard Harris], Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (2001)

Monsignor Chamberlain [Alan Dale]: "Remember your vow, to go against the Church is to go against God."
Priest [Paul Bettany]: "Then I go against God... Dear, Father. Forgive me. It was never my intention to offend You. I would like to firmly resolve, with the help of your Grace, to sin no more. And to avoid the mere occasion of sin... but I can't."
-Priest (2011)

"One way to remember who you are is to remember who your heroes are... I'm doing things my way now; building from the ground up. There are no shortcuts."
-Adam Cassidy [Liam Hemsworth], Paranoia (2013)

"I knew you had a secret. But when you were little, you were so carefree. But these last few years, more and more, it's almost like I can feel you holding your breath... But you get to exhale now, Simon. You get to be more you than you have been in a very long time. You deserve everything you want."
-Emily Spier [Jennifer Garner], Love, Simon (2018)

" Life is one fucking beauty contest after another... You do what you love, and fuck the rest."
Dwayne [Paul Dano], Little Miss Sunshine (2006)

"The way we win matters."
-Ender Wiggins [Asa Butterfield], Ender's Game (2013)

"Death is what gives life meaning; to know your days are numbered."
-The Ancient One, Doctor Strange (2016)

"My faction is Abnegation. The others all call us 'stiffs'. We lead a simple life, selfless, dedicated to others. We even feed the factionless; the ones who don't fit in anywhere. Because we're public servants, we're trusted to run the government."
-Beatrice "Tris" Prior [Shailene Woodley], Divergent (2014)

not exactly from a movie....

"...but most of all, Lord... Thank you for Making America Great Again!"
-Roseanne Connor [Roseanne Barr], Roseanne; Season 10 (2018), Episode 1: "Twenty Years to Life"

[CONTEXT: Roseanne lectures the cashier who's been harassing a Muslim shopper]
"You are ignorant. That woman is twice the person you'll ever be. And she's dealing with a lot of stuff you don't even know about. So next time she comes in the store, you keep your damn mouth shut!"
-Roseanne Connor [Roseanne Barr], Roseanne; Season 10 (2018), Episode 7: "Go Cubs"

"It's not lame-ass karate; it's Cobra Kai."
Miguel Diaz [Xolo Maridueña], Cobra Kai; Season 1 (2018), Episode 5: "Counterbalance"

"The stubborn close their mind and convince themselves of one truth. The wise keep an open mind to the different possibilities leading to and stemming from the present."
-Amaan the Wise, World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade (2014)

"The world runs on fossil fuel. I mean, how stupid is that?"
-Dr. Jenner, The Walking Dead; Season 1 (2010), Episode 6: "TS-19"

[CONTEXT: A sleazy Brother Remegius scolds Prior Philip for allowing the architect, Tom Builder, to use the monks as laborers in the building of a new cathedral]
Brother Remegius [Anatole Taubman]: "God's not happy, either, Prior. He [Tom Builder] should be using skilled labor, not monks stolen from prayer."
Prior Philip [Matthew MacFadyen]: "Work IS prayer, Brother."
-The Pillars of the Earth (miniseries) [2010]; Episode 3: "Redemption"

[CONTEXT: Following the end of the Minbari Civil War between its Warrior and Religious castes, Delenn re-forms the Gray Council with the Worker caste as the ruling majority]
"In the past, it has been our tradition to seek balance. We have called three from each caste: Worker, Warrior, Religious. But that changes... You have forgotten the Worker caste, haven't you? When our two sides fight, they are the ones who are caught in the middle -- forgotten. That it is their time to serve, to build, and to die. They build the temples we pray in, the ships you fight in. They look to us to guide their hands... They do not wish to conquer or convert -- only to build the future. And now, they will have that chance. The Religious caste and the Warrior caste will advise and council. We will serve as is proper. Religious and Warrior must act in the service of the people, not the other way around."
-Delenn [Mira Furlan], Babylon 5; Season 4 (1997), Episode 14: "Moments of Transition"


Don't get me started on Babylon 5, Josh. I could fill pages of funny or witty or cheesy quotes from this show.
As sci-fi TV series go, I never found anything remotely as good1 ever since I... well... sampled it from the Internet in the late 90's.
LotR in space, with humor to boot. A typical episode of this show has more entertainment value than everything Disney grew over the corpse of the Star Wars franchise.
I could barely decipher English at the time, but I found some dialogs so funny that I would replay scenes time and again until I got the pun. When I think of it, I probably owe a sizeable portion of my English to the show. I actually enjoyed the cheesy bits and the grandiloquent speeches too. That's my idea of good entertainment, it has to be a bit bigger than life.

Ok, just one little quote from one of my favourite characters :

Have you ever heard of the hour of the wolf? My father told me about it. It's the time between 3:00 and 4:00 in the morning. You can't sleep, and all you can see is the troubles and the problems and the ways that your life should've gone but didn't. All you can hear is the sound of your own heart. I've been living in the hour of the wolf for seven days, Lyta. Seven days. The wolf and I are now on a first-name basis. In times like this, my father used to take one large glass of vodka before bed. 'To keep the wolf away,' he said. And then he would take three very small drinks of vodka, just in case she had cubs while she was waiting outside. [she takes a drink] It doesn't work.

  • 1. well... except for Firefly, but the show was murdered by Fox producers...
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'We are all connected in the great circle of life' (Mufasa in Disney's 'The Lion King', 1994) Regular smile


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