Ala Hobak (علي حبك) (Englisch Übersetzung)

Englisch Übersetzung

Of Your Love

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Of your love I have one hundred proofs
my love for example it shows In my eyes for hours
I get scared and gealous, expect that often
If someone mentioned your name I'd speak well about you
and your nature I take a lot of things from it
your news with details
I like to heart them in detail
as long as you mention it
I'll give and take till midnight
every day there's something new about your love
If I miss you while you're away
we'll meet by feelings there's no such thing as dates
If I told you it will take so long
you feel and see with those eyes of yours
there are normal words that can said to people
and the most beautiful words being said Is feeling
that can reach the heart all the way
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Ala Hobak (علي حبك)