Od tebe ne znam da se oporavim (Spanisch Übersetzung)

  • Künstler/in: Ceca (Цеца)
  • Lied: Od tebe ne znam da se oporavim 6 Übersetzungen
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  • Anfragen: Französisch

I don't know how to recover from you

I sit curled up on the floor
I do not move from fear
because when I get up
I hit myself and trip over your things.
If only I was drunk I could get sober
If I was crazy, I'd get cured
but without you I'm too weak to go
and not to trip.
I can't recover from you
what you have broken, I cannot repair
I reach my arms out for you to caress them
to kill me once more before death.
All of a sudden
everything that I've ran from all of these years
is catching up with me
and I call for you out loud
to cheat on me again and leave me.
If only I were drunk, I'd understand it
but sober I call upon disaster
you have changed me
evil has taken over me.
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Od tebe ne znam da se oporavim

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