خوب شد Khoob Shod (Englisch Übersetzung)

  • Künstler/in: Homayoun Shajarian (همایون شجریان)
  • Lied: خوب شد Khoob Shod
  • Übersetzungen: Englisch
Es wurde um Korrekturlesen gebeten.

خوب شد Khoob Shod

راه امشب می‌برد سویت مرا می‌کشد در بند گیسویت مرا
گاه لیلا، گاه مجنون می‌کند
گرگ و میش چشم آهویت مرا
من تو را در شانه‌هایم می‌کشم یا تو می‌خوانی به گیسویت مرا
زخم‌ها زد راه بر جانم ولی
زخمِ عشق آورده تا کویت مرا
خوب شد دردم دوا شد، خوب شد دل به عشقت مبتلا شد خوب شد
خوب شد دردم دوا شد، خوب شد
دل به عشقت مبتلا شد خوب شد
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went well (and I am happy about it)

The road, tonight, is leading me to your hair captivity
Makes me feel like Leila* for a moment, and then like Majnoun*
The white and black in your beautiful eyes
Either it is me who is carrying you in his back, or it is you that calls me to herself using her hair
I did get hurt in the path of loving you, but
It is love that has taken me so far here to you
It's good that my pain is gone, It's good that I fell in love with you
It's good that my pain is gone, It's good that it worked that way
It's good that I fell in love with you
Poet: Ahoora Iman
* Leila and Majnoun: related to a story from old Persian literature, Majnoun which literally means demented, was crazily in Love with Leila.
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Translating a poem is the craziest thing ever. It is almost impossible to transfer the real meaning and feeling behind a sentence from a language to another, and specially from Persian to other languages. Persian poems are surprisingly deep and hard to understand, even for some Iranians. All this preface was to let you know that, the real beauty behind these words, is thousands times more and incomparable in any sense to what I have done here.

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Cyrus APCyrus AP    So, 25/08/2019 - 15:26

"your hair's captivity"
"Either I shoulder you on my shoulders" would be a nicer translation