Better With You (어느새 우린) (Englisch Übersetzung)

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Better With You

Long time no see, i have something to tell you
It's clumsy and awkward, but will you listen?
It's bigger than what you see
The thought that you might have changed
Was really scaring me
I missed your small hand
You will not know how much i regret
What i'm certain of in my time alone
I believe that it will come back again
We were so young, i was okay that time
We were so good together, seeing different places
The sunshine that i had missed through the year
Will it get a little warm again?
Honestly, i regret it a lot I won't
Drop it at the corner
I also wrote songs with our memories
I thought i wanted to get away from you
But in my dream, i don't want to let you go I want to see you again
I will never leave you again until the end, i promised
I will meet you now, This one will
Not like before I can't walking alone
Once again when a miracle happens
We will help each other to achieve our dreams
To rise with a pleasant sunshine
Even if you fall, i will watching over you till you rise again
We are so far away, that meeting you like this feel like a dream
I miss your face, i think my tears will start to fall
The sunshine that i had missed through the year
Will it get a little warm again?
The feeling that i though were dull had been recovered
I think i left you so easily at that time
It's as if time stopped, you are the same
When i'm alone, i've become so different
Suddebly, everythink went down
We've been too sad for too long
But then, don't forget about our memories Don't hate me too much
We were once in love with each other
The sunshine that i had missed through the year
Will it get a little warm again?
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Better With You (어느새 우린)

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sodiumforsaltytimessodiumforsaltytimes    Di, 15/10/2019 - 14:01

* 조그맣던 너의 손을 놓쳐버려서
얼마나 후회했는지 넌 모를 거야: you'll never know how much I regretted letting go of your small hand / more literal ver: you'll never know how much I regretted (it) because I let go of your small hand

* 너무나 어렸던 우린 어느새 훌쩍 커버렸고
We were way too young, and then we grew up freely in no time
- 너무나: (way) too
- 어렸던: comes from 어리다 (to be young), gets conjugated as 어려. -었/았/였던 reflective/emotive past particle.
- 어느새: in no time
- 훌쩍: lightly, freely (a soft motion)
- 커버렸고: comes from 크다 'to be big', conjugated as 커+ auxiliary verb 버리다 'to finish/end' the preceding verb. So 커버리다: grew up + 았/었/였어: past conjugation + -고: connective ending 'and'

* 사실은 후회 많이 했어
난 애써 티 안 내려 내 방구석에서 또 계속 추억 담긴 노래 가사 썼어: I actually regret it a lot/(lit): I actually had a lot of regrets. No one can tell how hard I'm trying, I was continuously writing lyrics filled with memories in the corner of my room.
- 애써 comes from 애쓰다 (to do sth with effort, to exert oneself)
- 티 안 내려 comes from 티 (안) 나다/내다 which means 'to (not) make something obvious)

* 하지만 난 꿈에서도 가지 마라 다시 만나
But even in my dreams I don't go, (and we) meet again

* 이젠 널 만나: I finally meet you
어찌하나 예전 같지 않아: whatever happens, it won't be like before
단지 하나 나와 걷지 않아: (you're) just not walking together with me
닿지 않아: not touching me

* 넘어져도 너를 보며 일어나기를: Even if you fall, I'll look at you and wish for you to wake up
- v + 기를 comes from v + 기를 바라다 which means 'to wish/pray for *v*' (v: verb)

* 나만 혼자 너무 달라진 걸까: am I the only one who has changed?
-(으)ㄹ까 is always a question

* 어느새 우린 남남이 됐지:
We became strangers in no time

* 슬퍼하기엔 시간이 너무 지났지:
A lot of time has passed because we're sad
- (하)기엔: because/so/since