葬予規路火烌猶在 (tsòng hōo kui-lōo hué-hu iû-tsāi) (Englisch Übersetzung)


揣我的身軀 行入你的夢中
用我的雙跤 去寫你的溫柔無限
你暗淡的心 是咱兩人未解的結
我就欲離開 你嘛是無可奈何
時代猛獸內底 揣袂著有名有姓的人
彼个時陣 (亻因)無消無息
提銃踏入 咱的所在
檢采我有千年 千百種人生
也無法度阻擋 人造的惡意
我看著這條路 沃澹的塗跤
行佇你的頭前 是我的生死
你恬恬仔看我 倒佇咧水底
你恬恬仔咧聽 遙遠的風聲
你恬恬仔愛我 愛我一世人
你講 你會恬恬仔等我
轉來你身邊 身軀邊
鬼使火神 徛佇咧路邊
伊的目睭 閣擘袂金
過路陰司 毋是你的跡
心安 就免驚惶
毋知影你的冤屈 看袂著頭前的路
你跤步愛踏予好 連鞭過橋就好
攏予你 全部攏予你
是按怎講袂清 時代的怨嘆
「有耳無喙 佇這个世界
美麗的你 好好讀冊」
伊講的話 佇風中咧飛
心也茫茫 無清醒的夢
逐家家財萬貫 我的
心也茫茫 無清醒的夢
逐家一生平安 轉來
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On the road after buried you, ashes were still

Finding my body to appear in your dream
Using my feet to write down your infinite tenderness
Your heavy heart was the knot in our hearts we couldn't untie
I was leaving, and you were resigned to this life
In this monstrous era, everyone was nobody
I recall that
At that time, they came out of the blue
Carrying firearms, they stepped on our land
And all lives of the city despaired
Even if I had had a thousand years and thousand kinds of life
I couldn't have stopped the malice made by humans either
I looked at this road, the ground being wet
In front of you is me walking towards death
You silently looked at me lying at the bottom of the water
You silently listened to the wind blowing at a distance
You silently loved me, loving me with your whole life
You said you'll wait for me silently
Waiting for me to come back to your side
The messenger from netherworld stood by the roadside
Still couldn't get his eyes wide open
The underworld is not a place for you
If at peace with yourself, you needn't be scared
The injustice you suffered was not known. The road ahead seemed blurry
But take each step carefully, please hold on and quickly cross the bridge
(Gods protecting nearby)
Giving all to you, all to you
How come the suffering of the era went on and on and on
"In this world, be quiet no matter what you hear.
Focus on your study, my beautiful dear."
Her words fluttered in the wind
And through my hair
Dreams where I got lost and unclear
Everybody was wealthy. My
Dreams where I was lost and unclear
Everybody came back, safely
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