Cotidiano (Englisch Übersetzung)

Englisch Übersetzung


Every day she does the exact same thing
She shakes me awake at six in the morning
She gives me a punctual smile
And kisses me with her minty fresh lips1
Every day she says it's so that I take care of myself
And that stuff all women say
She says that she'll be waiting on me for dinner
And kisses me with her coffee-stained lips
Every day I just think about being able to quit
By midday I just think about saying no
Then I think about the life ahead of me
And I shut up my bean-filled mouth
Six p.m. as to be expected
She gets up and waits for me at the gate
She says that she's madly craving a kiss
And she kisses me with her passionate lips
Every night she tells me not to roll away
At midnight she swears eternal love
And she squeezes and nearly suffocates me
And she bites me with her terror-stricken lips
  • 1. These last lines of every stanza are quite plainly "her mouth of mint/coffee/beans/passion/terror"; not sure how to best get these into English
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