Crazy ∞ nighT (Englisch Übersetzung)

  • Künstler/in: HitoshizukuP (ひとしずくP)
  • Gastmusiker: yama△, Vocaloid, Hatsune Miku, Megurine Luka, Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len, MEIKO (Vocaloid), KAITO, GUMI, Kamui Gakupo
  • Auch performt von: MAYU
  • Lied: Crazy ∞ nighT 2 Übersetzungen
  • Übersetzungen: Englisch, Ungarisch
  • Anfragen: Russisch

Crazy ∞ nighT

響くカーテンコール 止まない喝采
もっと もっと 響かせて?
開演ブザー 幕が上がった
1、2、3 で はじまるよ
スポットライト照らす道 進んだら
「不思議の館へ」   「漏れなくご・招・待♪」
「迷ったようだね」   「外はもう」
「暗い から」
「アカリガ」   「ツクマデ・・・」
「さあ、アイツも」   「コイツも!」   「ソ\イツも?♪」  
すすめ! Crazy nighT 幕は上がった
もっと もっと 盛り上がれ
ぐるぐる 1、2、3 で 酔わせて酔って
もっと もっと 騒ごうぜ
「ああ、どうしましょう」   「どうしたんでしょう?♪」
「一大 事!!」
「時間がどうやら・・・」   「止まってしまったね・・・」
「アノ子ハ?」   「アノ子ハ~?」
「どこへいった?」   (イツノマニ)
「それでも」   「舞台は」
「「ネエ、【つ・ぎの PagE 】 ガ、ナイラシイ・・・!」」   (大変だ!)
「おや、アッチも?」   「コッチも・・・」
「ソ\ッチも!♪」   「ドコ にも」
さがせ! Crazy nighT 狂った【原因】
「隠蔽?」   「破壊?」
「バグ?」   「ストライキ!?」
3、2、1 で 戻って検証
もっと もっと 困れば良い
「【次の PagE 】デ・・・」
「未来の 【PagE】 」
Crazy nighT 【鍵】を使って
もっと もっと 盛り上がれ
ソ\レなら! 1、2、3 で 刻んで、ページ!
もっと もっと ・・・壊そうぜ
ほんとの EnD 見たいなら
「ほんとの Crazy nighT 返して頂戴!
きっと きっと 【コレ】じゃない・・・」
おしまい? Crazy nighT 幕は下がった
「「また・・・ 今夜会いましょう」」
「「マタ!?・・・ 今夜狂イマショウ?」」
「「「また今夜 、 さがせば いい」」」
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Crazy ∞ nighT

The curtain call echoes, everyone won't stop applauding
Let them echo more and more, please?
The buzzer opening curtain rang and the curtain was raised
It starts on the count of one, two, three
When I went ahead the way shined by the spotlight
"To the mysterious mansion", "I'll invite anyone♪"
"You seem to have got lost" "Already the outside"
"Is dark, so"
"Till the light" "Is lit..."
We'll entertain you
"A big scene of tonight..."
"Let's start it"
"Now, that guy" "This guy, too!" "Even also a guy there? ♪"
All of us warm up
Go ahead! Crazy nighT, the curtain has been raised
Warm up more and more!
All we have to do is to perform according to the libretto
Let's be fools without thinking!!
Going round and round, on the count of one, two, three, making others and myself drunk
Let's live it up more and more
Is something simple boring?
Then, make it more crazy
"Ah, how should I deal with it?" "What happened to it? ♪"
"It's a big trouble!! "
"Time seems..." "To have stopped..."
"Where is that girl?" "Where's that girl~?"
"Where's she gone?" (I don't remember when she's gone)
"Even so" "The play"
"Must be continued..."
"Hey, it seems that [the next PagE] is missing...!" (That's a trouble!)
"Oh, there, either?" "Here, too..."
"Also there!" "Anywhere..."
"We can't find them...!"
Search! The [reason] why Crazy nighT has gone crazy
We can't go any further from here!
"Disguise?" "Destruction?"
"A bug?" "Striking!?"
"Who" on the earth did it and "what for"?
We'll go back on the count of three, two, one, and verify that
It'll be better to be stumped about more and more
We can't get it even if we think about it
Will [Today] just continue again?
"Is the stolen pages"
"The [scene] someone unwanted?"
"On [the next PagE]..."
"Is it possible to find out who is the criminal...?
"The [PagE] of the future"
"[How] did the criminal know that?"
"The one who can do [it] is...."
"The criminal is you, right?"
"...found out"
Crazy nighT, by using the [key] 
Warm up more and more
All we have to do is to perform according to the title
Why don't we be fools without thinking?
Then! On the count of one, two, three, carve the pages!
Let's destroy... more and more
If you want to see the real EnD
Make it go crazy m-m-moreover
"Please give me back the real Crazy nighT!"
"I'm sure, I'm sure it's not [this]"
Are things which were performed [according to the libretto]
Not always the only truths...?♡
Is it all over? Crazy nighT, the curtain has fallen
"Wait, wait, don't end "
To our regret... time is up!
"Again.. see you tonight"
"Again!?... why don't we go crazy tonight?"
"Again ... you can search it tonight"
Till the ending credits
Fade away
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