cut down

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Meanings of "cut down"

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1. To die, often prematurely:
"he was cut down in his prime"

2. To cut free or loose:
"the hanged man was cut down" from the gibbet

3. To be reduced in size or importance:
"He was cut down to size by that warning"
"The fence posts have been cut down to 1 meter"

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„cut down“ in Songtexten

Olaf's Frozen Adventure (OST) - That Time of Year

You cut down a tree and then you dress its corpse with candles
...I love it!

Moshe Bergel - Ma'oz Tzur [Rock of Ages]

When Babylon fell and Zerubbabel took charge; Within seventy years I was saved.

The Agagite, son of Hammedatha, plotted to cut down the lofty fir;
But it proved a snare to him, and his insolence was silenced.

Hoshi - Woman Overboard

The ashtray filled with my sorrows,
Lost in the corks[fn]Like a bottle cork.[/fn]
Fall after fall I'm cut down,
Once again it's my turn,

Beogradski Sindikat - Ballad of a dissident

Than sound of this verse, I had to go,
But now I'm here again, but everything is lost,
They cut down the chestnut, where I once kissed you,
Limes don't smell, there is no old violin,

Lole y Manuel - Your Look

And my only dream is your look
And your look, shackles that torment me
Rose cut down
When I dream of your eyes at dawn

Vicente Fernández - The Law of the Wilderness

The same night that you renounced my love,
you also cut down that stalk
You imagined that if they saw it, to you

Mylène Farmer - Rever

i have dremeamed that we could love each other

is it good to cut down the walls
to draw up burials there

Vicente Fernández - The law of the mountain

On the same night that you changed my love
you also cut down that stalk.
You imagined that if you saw it

Seryoga - King Ring

Not for fun, not for the sake of millions -
Boy cut down the champions of the ring.
He - who sweat his stings from year to year,

Żywiołak - Femina

It is me oodaa
I cut down - Femina
I cut down - Femina

Equilibrium - Forest Temple

Steel's been cut down, stone's been chewed
I built three castles
For a king who's a stranger to me
For whom my sanctuary burns

DISH// - As pleases MY SOUL

Fire up my soul pieces, intensify it more and more
I won't bow, I won't yield, I won't run away from my identity
Cut down the nonsense defensive policy and dance celebrating life
It's ok to make a splash, let's burn our spirits

EXO - Deep Breath

I yearn for you
like a thorn, I cut down the harsh memories
I know,I feel

Barış Manço - Nick The Chopper

To make his fortune, Nick the Chopper
Chopping woods his game, he couldn't stop it
He wants to cut down all the forest

Dalida - Darla Dirladada

Goodbye child, goodbye husband,
Let me lead my life,
It's time to cut down the rye,
I think I've told you everything,

Tiken Jah Fakoly - Open the borders

and their golden sand,
put the animals in cages,
cut down our forests,
What do we have left?

OK KID - Waiting For A Strong Man

One must take care that weeds don't spread
I only believe what I can feel
My violence is just a silent scream to be cut down!
First came the Monday demo, then (Frauke) Petry, and then salvation

Golec uOrkiestra - Wheat Stubble

I have knack for work, I have giant's strength/vim
I will pull a wagon full of air-bricks even without wheels
I already cut down all bushes, now I'm carrying grit
I don't care if my neighbours call me "psycho"

Na Casaidigh - Lament for Cill Chais

What shall we do with no timber?
The last of the woods is cut down;
There's no trace of Cill Chais or of it's family

Adriano Celentano - World War III

Those two nice breasts you're carrying around.

Because every tree they cut down
Will be marked with your blood