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Meanings of "cut down"

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1. To die, often prematurely:
"he was cut down in his prime"

2. To cut free or loose:
"the hanged man was cut down" from the gibbet

3. To be reduced in size or importance:
"He was cut down to size by that warning"
"The fence posts have been cut down to 1 meter"

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„cut down“ in Songtexten

Mylène Farmer - Rever

i have dremeamed that we could love each other

is it good to cut down the walls
to draw up burials there

Beogradski Sindikat - Ballad of a dissident

Than sound of this verse, I had to go,
But now I'm here again, but everything is lost,
They cut down the chestnut, where I once kissed you,
Limes don't smell, there is no old violin,

Rita Ora - Body on Me

[Rita Ora:]
Baby, let's cut down the lights
I just really wanna let this fire burn bright

One OK Rock - Keep It Real

Are my pierced intentions part of those “don’t do that!” things?
Are you guys by chance “child adults”?
Those not cut down simply “fools”?
Though it’s fine whatever we’re called in the end, but becoming shells is your all’s fault!

Vicente Fernández - The Law of the Wilderness

The same night that you renounced my love,
you also cut down that stalk
You imagined that if they saw it, to you

Vicente Fernández - The law of the mountain

On the same night that you changed my love
you also cut down that stalk.
You imagined that if you saw it

Dalida - Darla Dirladada

Goodbye child, goodbye husband,
Let me lead my life,
It's time to cut down the rye,
I think I've told you everything,

ALYS - Future

You would break that crystal cage.
The faded light of the surface hurts you.
Will the child of abyss be able someday to cut down her steel ties?

Raphael (France) - Schengen

there are a lots of nights under the eyelid
a lots of woods that are cut down
even under the grapeshot and the iron

Rick Ross - Mafia Music

I'm dodgin' the barcols like pot holes in Jamaica
We cut down the weed, bury the paper on the makers
Martin had a dream, Bob got high

Goran Bregović - Gas Station

Bring me glasses and smash the glass
Cut down the kiss, i will drink and i will fudle
Because you were too much late (to satisfy) my favors

U2 - Raised By Wolves

Metal crash I can’t tell what it is
But I take a look and now I’m sorry I did.
5:30 on a Friday night 33 good people cut down

Joaquín Díaz - The Romance of Count Olinos

From her was born a white rose, from him a white hawthorn,
One grows, and so does the other, they tangle together.
The queen, full of envy; sent for them to be cut down,
The beau who cut them, could not cease his crying,

Tuomari Nurmio - No Title

Is chilled by the cold glow of frosty eyes (I'm not sure "himerrys" is even a real word. Cold glow is the best translation I can come up with.)

The scythes of light cut down houses
The hand reaches for the ferryman's cape

Skálmöld - The Attack

I walked around the yard,
an enormous gap,
cut down roughly,
Hel touched me.

Lole y Manuel - Your Look

And my only dream is your look
And your look, shackles that torment me
Rose cut down
When I dream of your eyes at dawn

Gemelli Diversi - Vivi Per Un Miracolo

For those who are humiliated and yell at their boss "go f**k yourself"
For every silent truth to be known
For the filthy air and for every cut down forest
For every grandpa who deserted Il Duce (Mussolini) like mine did

Fettes Brot - Northern by nature

it's a shit work and makes your back crooked
it's hard enough, and we don't punch each other as much
And if we cut down our times, then a Holsten⁸ in the gut
Mao Tse Tung was never a subject with us

Toše Proeski - Magic

Who has sent a black magic
to cut down your love?
Took a poison from white snake

Die Ärzte - Ignorama

Death and war all over the world
I couldn’t care less
Trees get cut down in the rainforest
I couldn’t care less

Golec uOrkiestra - Wheat Stubble

I have knack for work, I have giant's strength/vim
I will pull a wagon full of air-bricks even without wheels
I already cut down all bushes, now I'm carrying grit
I don't care if my neighbours call me "psycho"

Puhdys - When a man lives

To scatter stones
To plant trees
To cut down/harvest trees
To live and to die and for war

Barry Manilow - Copacabana (At the Copa)

Her name was Lola, she was a showgirl
With yellow feathers in her hair and a dress cut down to there
She would merengue and do the Cha-Cha

Equilibrium - Forest Temple

Steel's been cut down, stone's been chewed
I built three castles
For a king who's a stranger to me
For whom my sanctuary burns

Jay Chou - Terraced Field

Is that hard work?
You say it’s because of the craft
That the trees are cut down
Hmph, is this right or wrong?

Florence + The Machine - Queen of Peace

His only son
Cut down, but the battle won
Oh, what is it worth

Gåte - The maiden Ingebjør

“Harken, young Herre-Per,
Why do you cut down my forest?
You will not capture the wild eagle

Les Cowboys fringants - Half-Mast

The story is dead and buried
And meanwhile the La Vérendrye park
Keeps getting cut down to the ground

U2 - The Joshua Tree

Midnight, our sons and daughters
Were cut down and taken from us.
Hear their heartbeat

Tien Fu-Chen - Angel among devil

if (I) cut down the finest nerves
will that make me sleep better
there is a grey prison in my heart
locked up a bunch of dark ideas, bellowing

Assassin - Ecology - Save the Planet

Save the earth! Save the earth! Save the earth!

How can you cut down entire forests?
Knowing that the oxygen that we breathe comes from the trees growing on the Earth

Na Casaidigh - Lament for Cill Chais

What shall we do with no timber?
The last of the woods is cut down;
There's no trace of Cill Chais or of it's family

Teflon Brothers - The Sexiest Dude

I don't have any shame
and flaunt it for sure
Been trying to cut down, but that won't cut it
I'll make sure that tomorrow you won't be riding your bike home, let alone walk

Victor Manuel - Asturias

and twice did you wager.

¿Who will cut down this tree
of Asturias, now barely a tangle of branches?

Bastille - Laughter Lines

You took me to your favourite place on Earth
To see the tree they cut down ten years from your birth.
Our fingers traced in circles round its history,

Barış Manço - Nick The Chopper

To make his fortune, Nick the Chopper
Chopping woods his game, he couldn't stop it
He wants to cut down all the forest

Kent - Bogey

They burned "grönan" and the school stands there alone
The bicycle stand is empty still, even though the breaks are over
They cut down the chestnut trees in the alley in front of the schoolyard
And I move quietly dont belong here, I'm the apparition

Whitesnake - Don't Fade Away

I have painted many portraits,
Memories of love and pain,
Though cut down by life's deceptions
I found the strength to start again...

EXO - Deep Breath

I yearn for you
like a thorn, I cut down the harsh memories
I know,I feel

Onur Akın - Mavi Kanatlı Uçurtma

So much sorrow, so much pain
Oh, my heart has suffered so many aches
We're like the cut down/fallen trees in the forest
We're like the vanishing sails in the sea

David Demaria - Every time that I'm without you

a thousand and one night will go by
to the attic where dreams sleep
they cut down time
Promises of a love without end

EXO - Heart Attack

In a very lifelike dreamland, I love you crazily
Oh no no that’s not you Oh no no hypnotising myself
The more you cut down our distance, the more my heart rate becomes anxious

U2 - Mothers Of The Disappeared

Midnight, our sons and daughters
Were cut down and taken from us
Hear their heartbeat

Gjallarhorn - Tova and the king

Now go cut down ash trees, now go cut down oak trees
Now go and cut down the tree that burns hot

Seryoga - King Ring

Not for fun, not for the sake of millions -
Boy cut down the champions of the ring.
He - who sweat his stings from year to year,

Monty Python - Lumberjack

I cut down trees, I wear high heels,
Suspendies and a bra.

Tiken Jah Fakoly - Open the borders

and their golden sand,
put the animals in cages,
cut down our forests,
What do we have left?

DISH// - As pleases MY SOUL

Fire up my soul pieces, intensify it more and more
I won't bow, I won't yield, I won't run away from my identity
Cut down the nonsense defensive policy and dance celebrating life
It's ok to make a splash, let's burn our spirits

Avril Lavigne - Touch The Sky

And like a tree, I have measured up
Best when I've been cut down
And like a tree, I can touch the sky

The Smurfs - The Smurfs

Everything will be much better
Do not be cut down
It's not complicated

Bjelle - Brother

My brother is not here nor his horse
His heart is brave.
My father cut down my brother's birch
What a loss.

Fintelligens - What's the boogie

Atmosphere's through** the roof, I'm not hiding it. There's people we know, hey! I show them here.
And of course we're looking cool to the T, if you offer me lines, I'll say no thanks.
This is my crew, and the bouncers on to us again, saying cut down the volume, but we'll only amp it up.
The real going noise producers are damn right so, see you can well trust the Rähinä dudes.

Fără Zahăr - Sandu*

Oh, shit! I have forgotten. Who will give this love letter to the postman?

I would have loved it if you had wanted, my sweetheart, to cut down
The grass in the court yard

Bob Dylan - North Country Blues

With the lunch bucket filled every season
What with three babies born
The work was cut down
To a half a day's shift with no reason.

Monty Python - The Lumberjack Song

He sleeps all night and he works all day.

Lumberjack: I cut down trees, I wear high heels,
Suspendies and a bra.

El Pescao - The Moon Comes And Goes

That no matter what happens
The moon comes and goes
And space and pace is cut down
Life and ties

The 1975 - So Far (It's Alright)

Beat em' ups on my arm
We were never good at selling
Couldn't cut down

Haggard - The Origin

One thousand seven hundred years ago, during the celebration of the two moons, the enemy forayed and overpowered the villagers under the cloak of darkness.

Brave men were cut down where they stood in the cold crisp autumn night.

Guy Béart - Who am I?

I was born in a tree
And the tree was cut down
In sulphur and asphalt

The Letter Black - Moving On

My family
You wanted all control so
You cut down

Giannis Miliokas - For my own sake

for my own sake

I saw the trees on which I used to climb, cut down
My dreams loaded in a truck

Korol' I Shut - Ghoul's Daughter

is not an obstacle for me!
For you I am ready
to cut down all the aspen trees
But against the cross

Flamingo - At Sea

Cut down ties, their wholeness in mind.
Turn that page and leave that life or death behind.
Give up that fuss, escape the reality,
A new lease on life free from calamity.

Georges Brassens - The patriots

What makes those whose family jewels have been amputated feel the lack
Isn't being in no state to make love to their wives, good heavens no,
But no longer being able to screw[fn]sabrer literally means to cut down with a sabre, but also has the slang meaning to fuck when the direct object is a woman. "Screw" in English can have the same slang meaning, and can also mean "cause trouble for" and is the best thing I can think of to have a similar double meaning[/fn] the enemy beauties.
The dove of peace, we cook it in an onion sauce.

Bérurier Noir - Lumberjacks

There was nothing but sadness and disorder
The lumberjacks suffered a lot on that day
There was nothing to cut down anymore
In an isolated village by the black marshes

Timbaland - Ease Off The Liquor

would you cut down and lets go
don't need no more
would you cut down and lets go
don't need oh no

Iron Maiden - To Tame A Land

The time will come for him to lay claim his crown
And then the foe yes they'll be cut down
You'll see he'll be the best that there's been

Tyler, The Creator - Goblin

[Interlude: TC]
It is, but Tyler, you're going to have to cut down on that "faggot" word
That's very, that's a bad (I'm not homophobic)

Olaf's Frozen Adventure (OST) - That Time of Year

You cut down a tree and then you dress its corpse with candles
...I love it!

Blur - Parklife

And morning soup can be avoided if you take a route straight through what is known as (parklife)
John's got brewers droop he gets intimidated by the dirty pigeons, they love a bit of it (parklife)
Who's that gut lord marching... you should cut down on your porklife mate... get some exercise

The Weeknd - House Of Balloons / Glass Table Girls

Is that your girl, what's her fucking story?
"She kinda bad but she ride it like a fucking pony"
I cut down on her man
Be her fucking story

Dracula, The Musical - Prayer for the Dead

Hath a short time to live
Is full of misery
And then is cut down
Life a spring flower

Herrasmiesliiga - No Offence But On Purpose 2013

I need this music for channeling, when I get more than doctor prescribes.
Even if I like to mess with my phone, not then when I'm shaking hands with the president.
The lady of the Linna's[fn]Refers to Linnan juhlat. It's annual Presidential Independence Day reception where many people are invited.[/fn]after party is now ashamed when it was noticed that I have striven to cut down.
Didn't need to throw in the towel, go to TV to admit that we're shitty singers.

Krasnaya Plesen - My name is ...

Motherland is in danger and I don't have time to give a speech,
that's for sure! Beards, eyebrows, spots, you understand!
A lot of you! There are no people to cut down trees!
That's for sure, bastards!

Gemelli Diversi - Alive thanks to a miracle

For those humiliated and tell their master to go fuck himself
So that every hidden truth finally gets told
For the polluted air, and each forest that gets cut down
For every grandpa, who, like mine, deserted the Duce (Mussolini)

Cloudy Busey - Pound Your Town To Hell

To pound your town to hell

Cut down near the ruins
Where they lay still today

Young Thug - Worth It

[Verse 2]
Damn, I broke her heart, now my heart hurt
I don't know why but I done cut down on that syrup
At least I got that lil bitch ballin', she don't gotta work

Jifgif - Another World

The sea is
keeping life safe in its depths.
The cut down half a forest yesterday
I want to see the other half.

Tina Turner - What You Get Is What You See

Try to change the habit of a lifetime
Don't even try
'Cause when you cut down deeper than the icing
You realize

Hollywood Undead - Black Cadillac

Till I pop out the screen with a big "fuck you!"
Then hop in the backseat and get to the blasting
Cut down your dreams like the Hollywood casting
Except this shit is real, not acting

Zelo - No title

To us who are different there is another group to follow
An avalanche with no one to scold
Cut down this disaster get erased together

Eminem - Arose

If I could rewind time like a tape
Inside a boombox, one day for every pill or Percocet that I ate
Cut down on the Valium, I'da heard everything
But death is turning so definite—wait!

Quicksilver Messenger Service - What About Me?

You poisoned my sweet water
You cut down my green trees
The food you fed my children

Broken Bells - Mongrel Heart

Black corn was soaking
You'll be cut down in the seedy stairway
If you don't answer, would you want to be found now

Kings of Leon - Reverend

On the lam cut down in the middle of the night caught in a trap
Crushed by the cry of the wandering man who was never coming back
Stuck on the line spending all of his time with his back to the throne
With the flash of the round everybody in town said "Leave it alone"

Motörhead - I Am The Sword

I, I am the blade, I break the oath that you made
I, I am the mace, I am the blow in the face
I, I am the ax, to cut down heroes like rats
I, I am the sword, I do the work of the Lord

Nigativ - Slowly

I won't say, that I know everything that will be.
I simply saw a hundreds of destinies, that were cut down like a tree.
I've seen , how the people leaving, saw what destroying them.

Thomas De Quincey - Revolt of the Tartars

Spite, however, of all that Zebek could say or do, the yearning of the people was strongly in behalf of the Khan's proposal; the pardon of their prince, they persuaded themselves, would be readily conceded by the Empress; and there is little doubt that they would at this time have thrown themselves gladly upon the Imperial mercy; when suddenly all was defeated by the arrival of two envoys from Traubenberg. This general had reached the fortress of Orsk, after a very painful march, on the 12th of April; thence he set forwards towards Oriembourg, which he reached upon the 1st of June, having been joined on his route at various times through the month of May by the Kirghises and a corps of ten thousand Bashkirs. From Oriembourg he sent forward his official offer to the Khan, which were harsh and peremptory, holding out no specific stipulations as to pardon or impunity, and exacting unconditional submission as the preliminary price of any cessation from military operations. The personal character of Traubenberg, which was anything but energetic, and the condition of his army, disorganized in a great measure by the length and severity of the march, made it probable that, with a little time for negotiation, a more conciliatory tone would have been assumed. But, unhappily for all parties, sinister events occurred in the meantime, such as effectually put an end to every hope of the kind.

The two envoys sent forward by Traubenberg had reported to this officer that a distance of only ten days' march lay between his own head- quarters and those of the Khan. Upon this fact transpiring, the Kirghises, by their prince Nourali, and the Bashkirs, entreated the Russian general to advance without delay. Once having placed his cannon in position, so as to command the Kalmuck camp, the fate of the rebel Khan and his people would be in his own hands; and they would themselves form his advanced guard. Traubenberg, however, _why_ has not been certainly explained, refused to march, grounding his refusal upon the condition of his army, and their absolute need of refreshment. Long and fierce was the altercation; but at length, seeing no chance of prevailing, and dreading above all other events the escape of their detested enemy, the ferocious Bashkirs went off in a body by forced marches. In six days they reached the Torgau, crossed by swimming their horses, and fell upon the Kalmucks, who were dispersed for many a league in search of food or provender for their camels. The first day's action was one vast succession of independent skirmishes, diffused over a field of thirty to forty miles in extent; one party often breaking up into three or four, and again (according to the accidents of ground) three or four blending into one; flight and pursuit, rescue and total overthrow, going on simultaneously, under all varieties of form, in all quarters of the plain. The Bashkirs had found themselves obliged, by the scattered state of the Kalmucks, to split up into innumerable sections; and thus, for some hours, it had been impossible for the most practised eye to collect the general tendency of the day's fortune. Both the Khan and Zebek-Dorchi were at one moment made prisoners, and more than once in imminent danger of being cut down; but at length Zebek succeeded in rallying a strong column of infantry, which, with the support of the camel-corps on each flank, compelled the Bashkirs to retreat. Clouds, however, of these wild cavalry continued to arrive through the next two days and nights, followed or accompanied by the Kirghises. These being viewed as the advanced parties of Traubenberg's army, the Kalmuck chieftains saw no hope of safety but in flight; and in this way it happened that a retreat, which had so recently been brought to a pause, was resumed at the very moment when the unhappy fugitives were anticipating a deep repose without further molestation, the whole summer through.

Adriano Celentano - World War III

Those two nice breasts you're carrying around.

Because every tree they cut down
Will be marked with your blood

Dark Angel - Darkness Descends

The claws of denouement grasp at our lungs
Asphyxiation rules supreme
The future of mankind cut down while they're young
Our children die clutching their dreams...

Kent - Iron Ghosts

They burned down Grönan and the school stays there all alone
The bike racks are empty still, though spring break is over
They cut down the chestnut trees in the school-yard avenue
And i move silently, I don't belong here, I am the wraith

Moshe Bergel - Ma'oz Tzur [Rock of Ages]

When Babylon fell and Zerubbabel took charge; Within seventy years I was saved.

The Agagite, son of Hammedatha, plotted to cut down the lofty fir;
But it proved a snare to him, and his insolence was silenced.

Yungblud - I Love You, Will You Marry Me

A version of Romeo and Juliet
This time with Adidas sneakers and cigarettes
A couple of kids trying to cut down the safety net
They twisted the story so they could bring glory to it

Motörhead - Outlaw

Today you know the first is last

Outlaw, cut down in your tracks,
Outlaw, so much for the man in black,

Żywiołak - Femina

It is me oodaa
I cut down - Femina
I cut down - Femina

Yona - Sweet, Totally

Boomboom tsikidum and skillyahoobajazz
Maybe should cut down on this shit
It's surprising how short the summer actually is

Hoshi - Woman Overboard

The ashtray filled with my sorrows,
Lost in the corks[fn]Like a bottle cork.[/fn]
Fall after fall I'm cut down,
Once again it's my turn,

Francis Cabrel - The fountains of jazz

Lower than the last B flat
It makes magnificent losers
From the winners cut down in full flight

Tonight Alive - The Ocean

The waves crash in, the tide rolls out
I stand before my weakness now
You took my faith and cut me down
The ocean it lies, it lies inside me now

Krasnaya Plesen - The Japanese

And while the japanese are sleeping for good Feng Shui
We will sneak in their base, because *we don't afraid*
We'll take the pliers and cut down all the nuts!
We'll *steal* all the silver from their pins!

Kotiteollisuus - The only thing mandatory is to die

The dog chases its own tail there

You cut down the bloody grain of the battlefield
And that is when I go

Boris Pasternak - Nobel Prize

Around me is a dark forest, a pond bank,
And the stump of a cut down pine.
They have cut me off,

16 Horsepower - The Denver Grab

See my love cut down the lane
Sways and grinds oh, that's your play
You treat me like your prayers though I'm alone
Drivin' me to pray, trouble I'm undone

Säkert! - When you die

and become a pine tree above your grave
then they would say, in one hundred years
"That pine should never be cut down"
"Because that", they would say, "is the best tree

Per Vers - Teach Me, O Forest, To Wither Happy

'Cause our flesh and bones aren't immortal
But so are our rhymes, words and speech
So I cut down to the bone to bleed ink
'Cause there my fear of death will go away

Smokey Meydan - Immortal dreams

we desire them for casting pearls before swines,
we yearn for them since we want a swallow to make a summer,
we crave for them due to the tree of life that we cut down.
We want them because we are in need of the light.

Rush - Red Sector A

Skeletons, they shuffle away
Shouting guards and smoking guns
Will cut down the unlucky ones

Iced Earth - Attila

The poison seed now sewn
And if by chance all is lost
Cut down by Roman steel
We'll suffer not as others have

Anna German - The boys pretty as a picture

The boys pretty as a picture, the boys pretty as a picture!

You cut down the buds of flowers
Before they managed to develop

Agonoize - Death, Murder, Kill

Your scream are made silent

Cut down, left to rotten
Licking your throat

Ivan & The Parazol - Modernial

They’ll let you in if you
Grab a knife
And cut down
All the good things

Mara Aranda - The Smugglers

And on their way to Galliners<fn> a village in the municipality of Vilademuls (Pla de l'Estany).</fn>, there they found the smugglers.
Cut down and shot, they cast aside the brave smugglers.
At the sight of so much money, they wished to grab it by the handful.

Karla Devito - We Are Not Alone

There'll be somebody there to break your fall
We are not alone
'Cause when you cut down to the bone
We're really not so different after all

015B - 마르스의 후예들(The Kin of Mars)

They ignore the way it is
The world forces our departure
The trees that have grown get cut down one by one
and the roots of the past never lift no finger

Dara Bubamara - Take yourself out

What I can't, I don't want and won't take back
what you don't understand, I'll cut down to the case
you know the way to the door, do I have to take you there

Xzibit - LAX

Sex sells so fuck you all, we came to bubble and ball
You getting shutd own soon as I touch down
Bust rounds, enemies slayed and cut down
Fully automatic spittin rounds with no sound

Jonne Järvelä - Woman's Death

Go over my hall in the deep,
through my banquet hall
I’ll rip the rags, cut down the cattle,
I’ll arrive before mother

Sunny Cola Connection - Along Countryside Roads

And the industrial revolution
grew many shenanigans.
Cut down trees
with bulldozers and saws

Søren Huss - An Ocean of Outstretched Hands

Among cut down trees...
Among cut down trees...
Among cut down trees..."

El Cuarteto de Nos - Kill the whales

I wanna kill the whales till exterminate them
and that all the forests were cut down
to refill the lagoons with garbage

Zeus - The lesser evil

The cashier gave you too much change
This hundred-zloty bill was worth standing in the line
The end of the day will come and probably her salary will be cut down
It's not your fault, those are her consequences

10,000 Maniacs - If you intend

God, if you persist you'll die like this
And wither in the midst of your first season
Cut down with no reason

Lenka Dusilová - Metamorphosis

[Boy] But I have an axe at home
That can cut down any tree
And you must be mine, for the Lord will give you to me.

Peter Belli - Stay Away From Our Neighborhood

Now there must be made room quickly
for a tower block grand as a palace
and cut down a few thousand trees

Sana - I have to go

it's my time to go, it's time to rest

Wings cut down, bird falls
Grieved so much that you got used to crying

Madh - Triangle

My eyes are spheres
My glance, a triangle
The last tree of a cut down jungle
New dimension

Pain of Salvation - If This Is The End

I've hidden your knives
I've cut down your ropes
Flushed your pills

Ultima Thule - Chainsaw

Toppled down
Hewn treetrunks
Violently cut down

Eddie Meduza - Sverige (U.S. of America)

and the rivers no longer are rushing
where we walk among power plant mountains and fenced-off nuclear valleys
cut down fir forest and pine trees' empty halls
Thou ancient, thou free, what the hell not being good any more

Damien Saez - Friend From Liège

You, my friend from Liège
You, cut down by life, by the human beast that spreads throughout here
You, my friend from Liège

Dimash Kudaibergen - The Ocean Over time

- Time is like a boat in the wind, floating away taken by  
   The sea waves
- Just like the centuries old oath that we cut down
- Just like the light that beams from the deepest chasm

Taco Hemingway - six zeros

I’ll get my drink on, and my smoke on, to forget about my problems.
In the morning I’ll order pizza even though I was supposed to change my eating habits
and cut down on beer. In February I’ll start working out on a regular basis.
I see only six pack fliccs on Facebook.

Olaf's Frozen Adventure (OST) - The most beautiful season

Look at the pajamas I made for these cute kittens,
Here we carefully monitor the menorah
<em>You mean, you cut down a tree and dress its corpse with candles?
I love it!</em>

Billy Talent - The Navy Song

In the fall, in the fall, when the tide took them all
In the fall, in the fall, when the tide took them all
Cut down like lambs at slaughter,
Good men were left for dead

Norwegian Folk - Havard hedde

But when we are getting old
And everything should be settled,
Then I'll cut down the other tree
And then all debt will be done with.

Georges Brassens - Uncle Archibald

agricultural scythe
which she was holding tightly in her shroud
and with just one stroke alone she cut down
the good fellow. <em>(twice)</em>

Olaf's Frozen Adventure (OST) - What creates the atmosphere of Christmas?

You cut down a tree and then decorate it's carcass with candles
Just lovely!

Renaissance - The Winter Tree

Met a man with the answer to everything
Books and words from philosophers come
Analysed and he cut down a winter tree
To find the sun

Els Pets - Fear

Of saying something that you won't like,
Of saying one more lie
Cut down to suit your size.

Olaf's Frozen Adventure (OST) - That time of year

We light menhoras in the evenings and on days.

You cut down a tree and then you dress its corpse with candles?
That's fantastic!

Sólstafir - Nones

I didn't find God in the old books,
nor happiness in a bottle, nothing won on my path
The evil dreamwalkers cut down to the feet
The conscience gnaws on the carcass of the soul in deep distress.

Olaf's Frozen Adventure (OST) - Christmas is here

Eight days in a row, we light our candelabra

(You cut down a tree and then you decorate its corpse? I it!)

Kevin Morby - Singing Saw

Cutting down a willow
Thought I saw a singing saw
Cut down a weeping tree
Thought I saw a singing saw

Vicente Fernández - The Law of the Mountain

But I am at peace, because in the end, our story shows: the stalks speak.

My love, the same night that you changed your mind, you cut down that stalk.
You imagined that if people saw it, it would be an insult to you.

Bon Jovi - Bullet

For the pink slip of an suv
A night cut down with tragedy
His defense another generation breakdown

Rambo Amadeus - Concrete

If it were up to me I would
Cut down all the forests
And I'd put up as decoration

Colter Wall - Me and Big Dave

Well I don't know if Dave hates the same kind of hate that I do
He knows that I know that he's been cut down by it too
Well people get talking 'bout things that we uses

Crown the Empire - Rise Of The Runaways

to anyone is just a Runaway.
So fate found a day to take it all away.
Cut down and encased inside a cage.
Because all we are

Wiesław Musiałowski - Ice-Cold Rhapsody

But you will discover nameless cards
Of cut down trees of the dead forest,
When into the azures the blizzards will fly.

Olaf's Frozen Adventure (OST) - That time of year

They all receive pyjamas, look at them peeking
Eight nights we light a candle on this candleholder
<em>You cut down a tree and then decorate its corpse with candles
I love it!</em>

Mina - A Night in Tunisia/Penso positivo/Copacabana (At the Copa)

Her name was Lola, she was a showgirl
With yellow feathers in her hair
And a dress cut down to there
She would merengue and do the cha-cha

Andarta - The Return of Merlin

Cut down are the trees of shining gold.
Lost is my harp,
Cut down are the trees of shining gold.

Käptn Peng & die Tentakel von Delphi - harvest of slaps on the alphabed

They turn into words, I saw the seed,
that grows until it becomes a forest
that I can cut down, because I am building a raft
to which I tie me up and push myself into the waves,

Omega - Look out for us!

Look out for us!

Forgive us, when they cut down your trees
Forgive us, when we don’t believe

Eric Bogle - Waltzing Matilda Waltz

And it's "Waltzing Matilda" no more

Well, we cut down the trees, and the land we reclaimed
We ploughed and we planted, then we ploughed it again

Lauren Alaina - Doin' Fine

Daddy got sober
Mama got his best friend
I've cut down crying to every other weekend
Thanks for asking how I've been

Olaf's Frozen Adventure (OST) - Let's celebrate

I knit pyjamas for my cats
We line up candles and light them
You cut down a tree
and decorate the dead tree with many candles

Dorina Garuci - Good evening, My Angel

there isn't light outside yet
Tonight, you're the only friend
Don't cut down this hope I have
otherwise, the heart will beat

Concrete Blonde - God Is A Bullet

Mom and Dad had a lot of big plans for their little man
So proud
Mama's gone crazy 'cause her baby's cut down
By some teenage car chase, war out of bounds

Jorge Vercillo - I Want The Truth

Explain to me where we come from, explain to me!
Fátima<fn>Our Lady of Fátima</fn>'s third secret<fn>It's said that one of Virgin Mary's apparitions revealed a series of of apocalyptic visions and prophecies which were supposedly given to three young Portuguese shepherds in 1917. The third secret is controversial. If you want more info, check here:;, explain to me!
Explain our apathy when we see the whole Amazon being cut down...

KanimisoP - Dancing Samurai

Dancing in the night, on this floor
Sorry, but I'll have to cut down anyone who can't keep the rhythm
Dancing in the night, in these times

KanimisoP - Dancing Samurai

Dancing in the night, on this floor
Sorry, but I'll have to cut down anyone who can't keep the rhythm
Dancing in the night, in these times

Bonesword - Quest for the Skull Harvester

One that was badass
And sturdy enough
To cut down a tower

Johnny Horton - Ole Slew Foot

I saved up my money and I bought me some bees
And they started makin' honey way up in the trees
Cut down the trees but my honey's all gone
Old Slew Foot's done made himself at home