Da mi je do nje (Englisch Übersetzung)

  • Künstler/in: Crvena Jabuka
  • Lied: Da mi je do nje 4 Übersetzungen
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If i could go to her (be with her)

People say i experienced (traveled) a lot,
But no cleverness, pure craziness
I could've learned so much
But only now i don't know anything
I've tasted fruit from heaven
And pockets full of money
But now no one wants
to listen to a sad dreamer
If I could go to her, to her
While she is still loving and dreamy
I just remember, hey, from everything
Look from her shoulders
I traveled a long
Stars were drawing my path
Same stars that gave her to someone else
I was also angry on them
But I saw, I saw it all
No cleverness, only heavy craziness
But there is nothing
more beautiful than her smile
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Kommentare des Autors:

i love this song. in english doesn't sound as good as in original, but i hope you will like it even more when you read translation.


Da mi je do nje

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