Da znas da me boliš (Englisch Übersetzung)

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You Should Know That You Hurt

I will write in the sky words for you
You’re giving me back the eternal peace
Calming down risen waters
My whisper and scream you will reconcile
I’m drinking your breath like a remedy
Every night
Before I fall asleep
And that moment and forever
Only you, you are in my thoughts
Even when you’re not here beside me
You should know that you hurt
Tonight I will also
Guard you while you sleep
And kiss you where you like the most
While you’re dreaming
I walked barefoot on a blade *
Solitude brick was building my life
And always waiting for the thief
To show the cards
For one thousand times so far it got me into trouble
I’m kissing your eyes like in delirium
Every night I dream of that colour
You’re the uncertainty in this madness
And the only sun that shines for me
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Da znas da me boliš

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