Darker Half - Confusion



Why must I feel this pain?
Just don't know what to do,
It's happening again,
Been spat out again and used,
I don't know what to think,
Thoughts whirling in my mind,
Are things just what they seem?
Impossible to find.
Just what am I to you,
Just a plaything or a fool,
So tired of playing games,
Revenge is all I crave,
I'll be watching evermore,
Maybe sneaking through the door,
Tired of looking through the glass,
I'll step inside at last!
Tried to leave it in the past,
Tried to get away at last,
You know,
I'm just a shadow of myself,
Leave me broken burnt and scarred,
Moving on still seems so hard,
You see,
The scars!
Time goes on, memories fade,
See myself, dying each day,
Ask myself, what's going on,
Feel myself begin to fall.
The devastation,
Tell me why!
This fucking devastation,
You left me here,
Fall into void obscurity,
Never fear,
Until your final dying day!
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