Déjate Llevar (Englisch Übersetzung)

Englisch Übersetzung

"let yourself be taken"

{Note this is a translation of the message not word for word definition}
i cant go on anymore
without telling you the truth
you excite me
i cant hide it anymore
tell me what i have to do
to get into your love
don't fear
because there's no time to lose
that way we can make it
anywhere we are
you have to let go
we are about to take flight
that way we will make it
dont think about it anymore
i will take you, baby just move
without fear come and dance some more
and if you like it let yourself be taken
and if its good then we wont stop (x2)
and if you feeling it then tell me
and if you dare to then tell me... >>> {note: melo is just the echo from "tell me"}
we are about to take off
right now i want to be
the one that takes you to ecstasy
i dont know what will be
and that way we will get there
anywhere we are
you have to let go
we are about to take flight
i know i care about you
and by your side ill always be
make it to eternity
i want you
what i have is love
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Déjate Llevar

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