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Desculpe, Neymar (Englisch Übersetzung)

  • Künstler/in: Edu Krieger
  • Lied: Desculpe, Neymar
Englisch ÜbersetzungEnglisch

I'm Sorry, Neymar

I'm sorry, Neymar1
But this time I'm not supporting you guys
I'm tired of seeing how our people
Die little by little
In the TV shows
While FIFA only cares about its standards
We are guided by robbers
Who play dirty to win
I'm sorry, Neymar
This time I'm not supporting you guys
Parreira2, I've seen
That moment when the people got so happy when we won the World Cup for the fourth time
But we won't be champions
Spending more than 10 billion bucks
To host a World Cup in this country
We have built beautiful and large stadiums
While the schools and the hospitals
Are almost collapsing
Parreira, I've seen
A chasm between two same countries3
I'm sorry, Felipão4
When Cafu5 raised the trophy and showed
His roots in a solemn moment
He revealed Jardim Irene6
A portrait of Brazil
The promised spring didn't begin
Life worths more than a goal
And where are the improvements
I'm sorry, Felipão
Our nation hasn't grown
And I know, soccer fans
That my humble and sincere opinion
Won't prevent you, who earns little money and lives a harsh life
From following to the end
Together with our national soccer team
Even if you don't have the money to buy that expensive ticket
You will never stop loving
Our players wherever they are
I know it, soccer supporter
You're right
  • 1. Soccer player
  • 2. Former coach of the Brazilian national soccer team
  • 3. He is saying that at the same time a part of the country is happy while the World Cup is going on, the other part is suffering
  • 4. The current coach of the Brazilian national soccer team
  • 5. Former soccer player
  • 6. A neighborhood in the Brazilian city of São Paulo, were Cafu was born and raised
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Desculpe, Neymar

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