Dikoe serdtse (Дикое сердце) (Englisch Übersetzung)

Englisch Übersetzung

Wild heart

What have I done to my sleep?
Why is not my heart beating?
Why despite my tiredness
And shadows-hunters that hide in corners
I get out of my bed
and walk in the nights like a zombie?
There was strong storm that night
You fell to my feet like a mutilated bird
I made you of pieces
I took things that I like both in humans
and in robots
And I did care
When you burnt yourself and jumped out of window
Demons ran to you from all black holes
You was rushing about and destroying my pet world
Your hunger was unappeasable
Your outsized wings bothered to others
Your unstable mind can't be catched like a smoke
And your wild heart anyway will never be mine
Von Dogvillan am Do, 03/05/2012 - 07:44 eingetragen
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Dikoe serdtse (Дикое сердце)