Dis-moi ce qui ne va pas (Englisch Übersetzung)

Englisch Übersetzung

Tell Me What's Wrong

Tell me what's wrong
'cause you're casting shadows on my joys
When I see your sad or angry eyes
I am lost in my thoughts
Tell me what's wrong
Do you know that I suffer as much as you?
Tonight we live as strangers
Rushing to finish the night
IF you want to make an effort
I know my mistakes
We can't live
We can't live
In the silence of remorse
Tell me what's wrong
We cannot stay there
Have you had too much of it, or not enough?
To again run away from the truth
Tell me what's wrong
Instead of half living without me
When we are two in a boat
We must know it's flaws
We are grown up enough
To weather all the storms
We cannot live
We cannot live
Always sheltered from the wind
Come and snuggle in my arms
Smile for me, and then kiss me
Let me dry your reddened eyes
Now that we've both said it all
Tell me what's wrong
Every time your heart wants it of me
The criticisms don't frighten me
Because I want to keep my happiness
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Let me know if I can improve this translation. :-)

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Dis-moi ce qui ne va pas

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