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Heavenly Romance

Heavenly Romance
With quiet hope,
Your fragile wings,
I percieve,
A Heavenly romance,
Love that slumbers,
within your mystical inspiration
My madness, my desire, my whim, my idyll
I'll steal a quill* from you
to write a poem
By the light of the moon
Of my beloved
My soul-mate,
Fatal to the soul
My madness, my desire, my whim, my idyll
Divine idyll, My soul-mate
Waves on my soul
She hoists the sail,
I have the Moonrakers malady [moon-madness]
A heart in flames,
She must slow down
If I close my eyes, she calls [to] me
My madness, my desire, my whim, my idyll
My heavenly romance
My beloved,
My dream romance
Divine idyll,
My soul mate
My romance
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idylle = romance, innocent affection, passing fancy, in a literary sense, it's also a play on words to describe the song - a liitle poem about love.
*quill = feathers that pens were made of hence. 'quill pen'
** souffle irréel - lit: breath unreal - 'souffle' means breath, but is also 'inspiration'.
chimère - is a noun 'moonraking' i.e madness


Divine idylle

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