Do Neba (Englisch Übersetzung)

  • Künstler/in: Crvena Jabuka
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To heaven

Through the curtains into the room, the day pushed
There was hope for us yet
Like an inscription on my neck I wear the trace
Where your lips passed
Those nights I heard everything which you dreamed
I kissed your fears
Like a message on the glass written in steam
You weren't there when I woke up
To heaven, to heaven, to heaven these days
To heaven, to heaven, to heaven I need you
To heaven, to heaven, to heaven If you're alone
I'm still to heaven, to heaven, to heaven,
To heaven in love with you
Not everything you hear is really so
Maybe they lie to you that I'm happy, you know,
Everybody can love you
But to die the final time, only I can do that.
I go out to old places
Around the parts of my hopelessness
In the hope that I'll run into you
I transform into a scream
I only want to tell you
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Do Neba

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