Do not understand

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Idiomatische Übersetzungen von „Do not understand“

لا ستطيع ان يفهم
Havsalası almamak

Bedeutungen von „Do not understand“


havsala is meaning "mind"

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„Do not understand“ in Songtexten

Arthur Pirozhkov - hooked

Why did I say that today idle?
I danced like no one dreamed
I do not understand - well, why?

Jackson Wang - OKAY

This memory I am touched
But you did not leave anything I have been dreaming
This feeling you do not understand
This memory I am touched

Dimash Kudaibergen - My Swan

You gave me such feelings...
I offered you my heart, my songs
Yet you still do not understand
Teardrops still linger

A.CHAL - The owner

Mami you should be loud and not be afraid (ya)
Either way they gonna find out that it's me
Your friends caught up 'cause they do not understand
Tell 'em I'm my own boss and I got a plan

Wisin - I Would Like to Get Away

I do not know what my luck will be
It's that I will not have your heat anymore (it was my decision)
I know that you do not understand this
But you win and you lose, baby that's love

Romeo Santos - Friend

There are my children.

She's cheating on you I do not understand the concept of
being lady. (Fake Love)

Arcángel - you do not live like this.

[Verse 2: Archangel]
I came back, but pa 'put the beat
But how did I get back? I do not understand
If I never left

Jean-Louis Aubert - Say, When Are You Coming Back?

I'm still loving you, I'm still loving you,
I'm loving you, I'm loving you love,
If you do not understand that you must return
I will give us both my fondest memories,

Ebru Gündeş - seni seviyorum

my wounded heart doesn't even listen to me

Even if you do not understand me, it doesn't matter if you do not listen
I can't love somebody else, don't do it, my only one, please

Emmanuelle - Italove

I'm in love
Sick for you
I do not understand anything anymore
I do not see people anymore

Rammstein - I want

can you feel us
we feel you
we do not understand you

Grebz - Great (Velik)

Let's move like a ninja
By the way, you need to go to the gym to achieve
You do not understand how to move away from me
I'm not Jack Daniels.

David Lee Garza - Silly

You know I like you
And I love you too much
But you do not understand me
I'm in love with you

Aleksey Vorobyov - I will always be with you

It is for such changes
It was clearly not ready.
I do not understand one thing:
You laugh at jokes

Brigitte Bardot - A day like Any Other

You go away to another
Without saying a single word
And I do not understand
It's a day like any other

Julieta Venegas - Te Vi.(I saw you)

never happen
an unmistakeable sigh
I do not understand
what I had hoped for

Radwimps - Unfriendly

If you are not me Please say it sooner I am not in such a long time
It is not awful a bit but not much
I do not understand love anymore
Will you be a textbook?

Dalida - As Before

The magical night as then drops
The moon is shining and you are here
I feel a bit confused if you do not understand
And I can tell, the only way

Sezen Aksu - Sharp Knife

It's always a nook and a cranny

I do not understand this life
I intended not to get up from the bottom

Cultura Profética - From Before

I need to know to understand
You may be a lady from my dreams
Or a revelation I do not understand -- no,
Tell me if you know