Zabranjeno pušenje - Dok čekaš sabah sa šejtanom (Englisch Übersetzung)

Englisch Übersetzung

While waiting for dawn with the devil

Devil himself gave you
speedy weave and devastating right cross
Devil himself saved you
when Prco and his bro's
ambushed you in the dark by the brewery
and also when agent 071
educationally slammed you against gray station wall
and succeeded to kill the God in you
but devil in you stayed alive
(note: jargon: "kill the God in someone" - break every bone, kick the shit out of someone)
Now you are awaiting down with the devil
he helped you that night too
when she said that she doesn't want to be with a ragtag
when sorrow almost drowned you
(remember) just how much did you drink that night?
he told you "life goes on"
he told you there are other women
and you opened your soul wide to him
and have let the devil in it.
the four-eyes from in district came over
offering a job, or to get education
but it was already too late
only the devil, your hands are serving now
The pub is long deserted
and he is your only friend left
you tapped (yourself) and toped the glass
while waiting the down with the devil
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Dok čekaš sabah sa šejtanom

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