Doralice (Englisch Übersetzung)

  • Künstler/in: João Gilberto (João Gilberto Prado Pereira de Oliveira)
  • Gastmusiker: Stan Getz
  • Auch performt von: Tom Jobim
  • Lied: Doralice 3 Übersetzungen
  • Übersetzungen: Deutsch, Englisch, Französisch
Englisch ÜbersetzungEnglisch


Doralice, it’s as I spoke:
To love is but a joke,
Silly and out of control;
I’d rather keep to myself,
Playing my guitar to express my soul.
Doralice, it’s as I spoke:
Look at this mess
I’m going through.
Now, my love, Doralice, my dear,
What is it that we will do?
You came to me one lovely day,
I would have fled, but you made me stay
Something was concerning me,
It even seems I could foresee
I didn’t want you as my wife
To spare our dealing with this strife
Now you must tell me true,
What is it that we will do?
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